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Seeking His Kingdom

Photo by Liam Simpson on Unsplash

But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you. – Matthew 6:33

I hear people talk about developing their passions, honing their gifts, and perfecting their skills, the end result is always for financial gain. The scripture above is, therefore, challenging as it places a demand on the children of God.

Jesus asked us not to worry about anything, but to seek God’s kingdom and righteousness first. That must mean that if we are not doing that, we are building other kingdoms, living in other forms of righteousness. Jesus prayed that God’s kingdom would come and His be done, which means that the earth would become the realm in which God’s will is fulfilled.

I am learning to write better, so I follow a lot of freelance writers and authors, and they tend to go on about finding one’s freedom financially. I have nothing against that, but is that really what the followers of Christ should be about? I have had to check myself, my goals, and aspirations because I know I am also guilty of building a different kingdom and living in my righteousness.

The road is indeed wide that leads to destruction, trust me, I know. It’s so easy to walk in it and keep going because everybody else is taking it. We wake up every day to ‘hustle’ and live ‘our truth,’ yes, walking the wide road would be easy. However, we have been called to walk the narrow way, the way of life. The way of God’s kingdom, where His will is done.

How will we know His will, how do we seek His Kingdom first and are we sure that He will add the other things in time? Will He be there to ensure that we don’t starve and go without clothes? How do we know that if we don’t take charge that He will make everything ‘well’? These are some of the questions I asked, some arguments that went on in my head.

Over time, as I presented them to Him, He answered them, He is still answering me. No one can explain faith to another person; it is divinely bestowed. The faith to live, the wisdom to walk right, the understanding to put two and two together and make four, only God can open our eyes to that.

I have lived to see that it is not magic, God answers. In his infinite love and mercy, He understands the hustle life but asks us to drop it and come find rest. Do I mean stop work? No, I work every weekday. He is asking us to seek His will first in everything we do, whether at work or at home and in our relationships.

At a point in time in my life, I struggled with His will. I couldn’t see how I would survive it, but I am still here, breathing and doing what He wants me to. Gradually, I am learning through my failures, through His word and grace, that in His will is life.

I saw a quote today in my digital notebook, it said, “Writing starts with living.” For us as followers of Christ, living starts with dying. Let us begin there, dying daily, believing that regardless of what we see, hear or feel, we must continually seek His Kingdom and His righteousness, for in that is life. He is faithful, and He will ensure that as we trust Him, He will establish us for His glory.

Till next time, be transformed!!!


All spirit; no flesh.

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