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Bring Out Your Inner Child

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“But when Jesus saw it, He was greatly displeased and said to them, “Let the little children come to Me, and do not forbid them; for of such is the kingdom of God. – Mark‬ ‭10:14‬ 

I was going through social media and saw a Halloween story writing prompt, which read, “Bring Out Your Inner Child.” I have been thinking about it for a while because bringing out my inner child is in agreement with the words of the Lord Jesus Christ, and it does make for a happier life.

So, I have been watching my four-year-old daughter. She knows she is loved and tries to get away with all sorts of things, confident in the security of that love. By God’s grace, her parents provide for her needs, she doesn’t have to worry about how they were paid for. When she cries, she is sure that somebody will come to find out why she is crying and comfort her. She goes from one day to another, generally happy and worry-free.

I read another article this week, and the writer was addressing the issue of Christians being boring. He said that some reasons for this are the restrictions of religion and societal limitations on ‘Christians.’ Honestly, we can all feel boxed in by one thing or the other. So, we need to be child-like to enable us to live fuller and happier lives. Bear with me as I ask the following ‘what if’ questions:

  • What if I wake up every day, believing that all is well because my Father can do exceeding and abundantly more than I can ask or think?
  • What if anytime I face life’s challenges, I turn it to Daddy because He that is within me is greater than anything I may be facing?
  • What if when I am unsure of what the future holds, instead of hustling and going about it in my own wisdom, I find rest in my Father who has only good plans for me, to give me a future and a hope?
  • What if I rest in the knowledge that Daddy knows everything I need before I ask? All I need to do is obey my Father, and He will add everything I need when I need it.

It’s easy for us to rely on ourselves because that’s what’s expected of us as adults, right? Wrong. The truth is that God expects us to keep calling Him up, not just for what we need, but to know Him as Father. To walk with Him and to totally depend on Him. My daughter uses the word ‘mummy,’ ten billion times a day, and sometimes, I feel like opening the window and flying away to a remote island, far far away. God never feels that way. He is an ever-present help in times of need.

What of the health implications of being child-like? They are immense. Imagine not having to worry and laying all your cares on the Father that cares for you. Imagine just chilling with no concern in the world that is grace. The mercies and grace of God are new every day. Daily, He opens a blank book with your name on it and just plots in only good because you love Him, and you have been called according to His purpose. Listen, that’s a ballin’ life right there!

This weekend, please think about this. Imagine living life as a child, by faith in the Father that never fails. Knowing that He sent His son to die for you and that Jesus is sitting next to Him, making intercession for you. A Father that sent His Spirit to guide you through life and to overcome over it. Think about what a great Father we have, rejoice in Him and give Him the praise, He deserves it.

Till next time, be transformed!!!


All spirit; no flesh.

One thought on “Bring Out Your Inner Child

  1. Being child like takes me to simply having an uncomplicated trust in the father. Accepting and believing whatever He says to me without fuss or struggle or using my adult experience. My father while on earth was a strict man but he loved me and I knew it. He did everything within his power to help me along the path he felt was right for me to walk on. How much more God?

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