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The Light of the World

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“Then Jesus spoke to them again, saying, “I am the light of the world. He who follows Me shall not walk in darkness, but have the light of life.” John 8:12


Here in Nigeria, due to the unstable power supply, we have a deep appreciation for light. Some of us go so far as to say that power is life. What is about darkness or lack of electricity that darkens moods and affects people negatively? Well, I know that power enables the fans and air conditioners to work, cooling the air. My food is cooled/frozen in the refrigerator and can last longer. I also have access to running water that is filtered. All these are some of the benefits of electricity to me at home.  How about the small businesses and large organizations, how do they fare without power? I bet the developed countries cannot survive without access to a constant power supply.

If we feel this way about the power that doesn’t give life, what of the light that does. Jesus said that He is the light of the world, the light of life. The sun shines during the day and the moon during the night. Do me a favor, close your eyes, and imagine a world without the sun and the moon. A world where we see not by the stars in the sky, but by the word of God we hear and believe. How is that possible?

We wake up in the morning and we go to bed at night because it is night, but what if the word of God to us individually directs our waking and sleeping times? Our breakfast, lunch, and dinner times? Our going out and coming in, our work and playtimes?

Don’t forget that this light has the power of life as well. If we follow Jesus, we have life, God’s life. We can speak, pray, and live out God’s will on the earth. God has made us priests and kings and seated us in heavenly places in Christ Jesus. He died that we may live out these realities.

I believe that walking in darkness means living without the word of God. It is the word that provides light for our journey through life, defining our paths so that we walk in our lanes. Without this light, we walk in the natural light provided for the earth. We live the same mundane lives that everybody else does. We are troubled by diverse situations and circumstances, and instead of overcoming and being victorious, we become the victims. I believe that is not the reason Christ died at all.

I grew up playing the victim any chance I got because I could and wanted to. I threw a lot of pity parties and expected people around me to understand and encourage me. Now, God expects me to stand up as the priest and king he has made me in Christ (my light), over my household, my life, and the church. I have to learn to live out my position in Christ, or my Christianity is a lie because in Christ (our light), nothing is impossible.

May God’s grace shine upon us as we walk in the light of life.

Till next time, be transformed!!


All spirit; no flesh.

One thought on “The Light of the World

  1. A couple of people were praying and dedicating a young lady and her baby to the Lord in my fellowship in front of the altar. I felt the need to be part of it and I stepped up to them to join them. As I did, it was though I stepped up to taking my place….as the Light of the world that could not be hid again under a bushel but ready to be set on a hill.

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