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Who told you that?

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‘And He said, “Who told you that you were naked? Have you eaten from the tree of which I commanded you that you should not eat?”’ Genesis 3:11 


I hope you have been well.

Today, I experienced my ‘who-told-you-that’ moment.

I had been going on and on for a while about an issue. I asked God when and how to execute on my plan, and till today, there was no word on it. Today, I was talking to myself and Him and made a statement to which I got an instant response, “Who told you that?”

I heard that and backed up a little, to examine the statement I had made and realized that though it was a generally accepted statement, before God, it wasn’t. There are certain philosophies and ways of life, scripts, if you may, that we all learn early and live by. Statements passed down from generations, school teachers, and even mentors at work. These statements seem to be facts and we translate them as truth because everybody lives by them.

As I backed up on the statement I made, the truth dawned on me. It was a philosophy I had grown up with, I had been trained by it, and I lived by it. It had governed most of my adult life because I believed it was true. Most of these philosophies are mostly human wisdom that seem right, but are they? If we assess how we live, work, and train our children, will we find that we are living as approved by the world or as approved by God?

Adam had come up with wisdom that seemed right about how to live and survive in the garden; however, in doing so, he had made himself god. Now, I don’t see anything wrong in making clothes to cover yourself from the weather, etc., but did God tell you to? Eve saw a way to get by on her own, tend to her family and ensure they didn’t go hungry, sounds excellent, but did God ask her to do it?

As I take a step back to examine my own philosophies, I ask that you do so too. May God open our eyes to the truth, so that we may walk righteously in Christ Jesus.

Till next time, be transformed!!


All spirit; no flesh.

One thought on “Who told you that?

  1. May we live by the words from God and the truth He shows us and not by the conditioning of the past or the wisdom of the age or the evil conscience we unconsciously bring to bear so true transformation can come.

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