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The Marriage Ceremony

Photo by Jeremy Wong Weddings on Unsplash

“For many are called, but few are chosen.”’ Matthew 22:14 

George slit the envelope open with his penknife, he almost felt bad. It was purple and embellished with gold, a treasure to store. He read the contents on the card inside aloud. “You are invited to the marriage ceremony of Prince David to Princess Eve.”

George sat down again with a smile, which turned into a grin. At last, he was being recognized for his excellent work and labor towards the country and its citizens. He looked at the purple box in which the envelope had been delivered, remembering that there was something else in it. He stretched his hand and took the box and opened it. In it was a purple paper wrapping, which he tore, and a red satin material dropped out. He dismissed it, not a chance. It was too simple for him to make a garment for the wedding. 

He picked up his phone and called his tailor with instructions on what he wanted and the event he wanted it for. George put everything back into the box and placed it near the T.V stand, a prominent place. Then he started making calls. By the time he had called the fifth person, George was distressed, everyone had been invited to the ceremony. How was that possible? How could the King have asked riffraff and all sorts to the event of the century? Well, George would show them levels at the event. Not everybody invited was the same.

He called his tailor again and gave more instructions on his outfit, it was to be the best thing the tailor had ever made him or anyone for that matter. 

George packed his leather designer bag and left the office, leaving instructions for his staff. He was working from home till the next week. He couldn’t afford to remain in the office when there was so much to plan.

At dinner with his wife, the following conversation ensued.

“Darling, I was invited to the Prince’s wedding on Sunday.” He said, looking at her with a smile.

“Really, what are we wearing?” She asked, smiling back.

“We? Who said we are going? I was invited, you stay home and watch it live.” He didn’t look up from his plate and missed seeing how much he had hurt his wife.

“All our neighbors are going with their wives, I wonder why your case is different.”

“My invite, my business. The neighbors can do as they like, commoners.” He shuddered at the thought of being there with ‘everybody.’ “At least, I’ve done so much for this country, but what of others? What of that loser, Emery, who can’t keep a job, who his wife is feeding? Or John, who was fired last week for embezzlement? Or Johnson, who started a riot with his pro-democratic friends? I just don’t understand it. Anyway, I know that I will be honored for my contributions to society, so I have told Grange what to make for me to wear. You know Grange, he never disappoints.” He said, smiling to himself.

The next day, Grange, the tailor, called to see George.

“This is wonderful, Grange, well done.” George said as he looked himself over in his clothes closet. It was spacious and well-furnished, with two comforters, near the shoe rack and the clothes shelves. George stood before the big mirror in the center, beaming at himself. Yes, he would be set apart indeed.

“Excuse me, sir, didn’t you get the uniform satin, the wedding garment?” Grange asked.

“That?” George asked, looking at him in the mirror. “Only commoners can wear that. Why do you think I had you make something of such magnificence for me? I mean to stand out in the crowd on Sunday. To be recognized and to shine. Mark my words Grange, the King himself will see me in this exquisite creation of yours.”

Grange bowed, smiling. “Thank you, sir, I will see you there then.” He made to leave and stopped as George called to him.

“You were also invited?”

“Many of us were, sir.”

George breathed out, looking downward. He had lost all the zeal he had to attend, everybody would be there, there was no class to the thing. 

“Goodbye, sir.”

George waved him off, then turned back to the mirror, a solution in his mind.

It was a beautiful Sunday morning, and George took his time getting ready. The event was for noon, so there was no need for haste. He would get there a bit late like the big boys and select his party. He couldn’t stand with everybody else now, could he? His bathwater was mixed with liquid vanilla oils. His perfume had incense, dark cherry oak and vanilla oil mixed in, he smelled divine, or so he told himself. He put on the dark blue silk brocade jacket and trousers, with his shiny leather shoes and looked himself in the mirror with a smile.

He was driven to the event and dropped him off at the entrance to the palace. The first thing George noticed was that there was nobody else wearing anything but the red satin uniform. He stood out alright, being the only one wearing something different. George smiled and nodded at the people he knew, looking out for the wealthy crowd, his solution of the day before. They were nowhere in sight. 

All the invited guests had been led to the grand ballroom where the ceremony would be held, and as he walked in the crowd, George spotted Grange.

“Grange, Grange, come here.”

Grange saw him and smiled. George noticed how well dressed Grange looked in the red satin and shrugged off any jealousy.

“Where is everybody?” George asked Grange when they stood together.

“Who are you looking for, sir?” Grange asked, squinting at him.

“Well, the rich and famous?” George said.

“Oh, them. Well, the King asked his messengers to invite us instead when the ones he invited proved too busy to answer his call.”

“You mean none of them are coming?” George asked, standing still.

“Some may, you did. It’s not just the rich and famous, sir. There are also kingdom officials and priests on that list. They all went about their own business. Let’s keep moving forward, the ceremony is about to start.”

Once in the ballroom, George forgot his plans. The room was decorated from top to bottom with red roses. The red satin was used as ribbons to hold the hanging roses in place, and it was tied to every available cornerstone. The effect was beautiful, George forgot himself and gazed at everything in wonder. He didn’t see the King standing behind him until he was tapped on the shoulders. George turned, and his mouth dropped open, he knelt before the King.


George got up. “Thank you for inviting me, your highness.”

“Where is your wedding garment? Were you not instructed to wear it as the only way to attend the ceremony? I was gracious enough to invite you, but you couldn’t do the one thing I instructed that you do? Guards, tie him up and toss him away.”

Many are invited, but few remain.

Till next time, be transformed!!