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Dinner at the Coleman’s (Part 5)

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Luke looked down at the shattered glass cup and up at Jason. “She’s my wife. What do you want with her?”  

“I asked you where she is? I won’t ask again.” 

Luke laughed as he bent to pick up the pieces of glass from the floor. “This is my house, and she is my wife. Who are you to threaten me?” He straightened and turned to Jason. “I’m glad you are here, though, because I need to talk to you. I don’t know the history you have with her, and I don’t want to know, but you need to understand that I am her present and future. We are a married couple, my friend, and I am not letting her go.”

“This is the 20th century, friend. People don’t make decisions for full-grown women anymore. Bring her out here and let her decide. Can you do that?” Jason asked walking close to Luke.

Luke looked him in the eye. “My wife stays. Now, apart from shattering glass and messing with another man’s wife, is there some other damage you want to inflict on my household?” 

“I’m not leaving without her. Her phone is here, I heard it ring when I called her earlier, why is she not answering?” 

“None of your business. Now leave, or I’ll call the Police.” 

“No, let me call them for you, so you can explain to all of us what you’ve done to Rose.” Jason took his phone, and Luke heard the clicks of the keypad. 

“I’ll get her. There’s no need to complicate matters.” 

Jason put down his phone and waited. 

Luke walked to the bedroom, knowing that this was the end. He had tried to take matters in his own hands and had made mistakes every step of the way. What if this was the end of their marriage because of his temper fit, for god’s sake. He stopped at the bedroom door and did what he should have done from the start, he prayed.

When he went in, he saw Rose crouched on the floor like a caged animal. He walked to her and knelt. “I’m sorry for everything. I saw what I felt was proof of your infidelity, and I lost it. I wanted to kill you and to die myself. I was wrong, and I understand that you must hate me for everything I’ve put you through. Please forgive me.”

Rose didn’t say a word, she just looked at him with wide eyes. Luke stood up and stretched his hand to her, she took it and got up.  

“Jason is in the living room, waiting for you. You must make a choice now, him or me. Whatever it is, please believe that I love you and I’m sorry.” He laid her hand by her side and walked out of the bedroom.

Jason stood up as he entered and looked behind him, expecting Rose. Luke took a seat and waited as well; he had left everything to God. 

“Where is she? You said you were bringing her out here.” Jason was shouting.

“Don’t worry, she will be out soon.”

After a while, Jason started pacing. “Is she covering up her battered body, what the heck is taking her so long? What did you do to her, man?” He asked Luke as he advanced towards him.

“I’m here,” Rose said as she emerged.

She looked at Jason with a smile and a nod, then at Luke, with an expression he had never seen before. At that point, he knew he had lost his wife, and he put his head down as the tears fell.


All spirit; no flesh.

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