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Judge Nothing

‘Therefore judge nothing before the time, until the Lord comes, who will both bring to light the hidden things of darkness and reveal the counsels of the hearts. Then each one’s praise will come from God.’ I Corinthians 4:5

“She is a thief and must be sacked!”

The Executive staff of five managers, stood in the CEO’s office as he vented. The thief, his secretary of six months, waited outside the office for the verdict.

“How many months has she been here to have such audacity? Imagine opening my suitcase and taking out all the money? No, I cannot let this slide. HR, do you duty here, I won’t let this girl work here one second more.” The CEO turned in his swivel chair and faced the window.

His office didn’t have walls, only glass. There were either other offices or scope of the area, a business district from any side you looked. He smiled. The five managers who stood nodding to the chief’s back were acting as expected.

Marketing shook his head. “What are young people turning to these days? How did she know the combination to his briefcase?”

Four thousand dollars, allegedly stolen by the secretary, a beautiful girl who didn’t have much except her beauty going for her, was the ruckus’s cause.

“These children learn to hack at anything and break codes once they are born. It must have been a piece of cake.” Sales said.

“HR, please do the needful and do not delay, sack her right now. Shouldn’t she be going to arrange it boss?” Facility asked.

The CEO waved his hand, still backing them. He kept smiling.

Operations led HR out of the room. “He has approved, get going.” He said, encouraging her.

In the next room, HR looked at the girl, who didn’t weep or talk. The girl bent her head and kept mute as if the matter struck her dumb.

“Ngozi, don’t you have anything to say in your defense?” HR asked.

“Nothing,” Ngozi said.

“See, she can’t say anything. She did it.” Operations said, persisting in his claims. He took HR by the hands and led her to her office. Returning five minutes later, he winked at Ngozi and entered the CEO’s office.

“Did she fall for it?” The CEO asked, turning to him.

“She is drafting the letter and the email to the entire staff as we speak. It’s a done deal.” Operations said, laughing.

“Boss, you should transfer money to my account for this plan. It worked to a ‘T’.” Sales said.

The CEO laughed. “Don’t worry. I’ll settle everybody once we’ve dealt with Ngozi’s case.”

Who could have guessed what happened to the money?

The managers, the CEO, and his secretary were at a club the night before, where they blew 4000 dollars mapped out for purchasing a new generator for the office. Early the next morning, before HR arrived for the Management meeting, Sales came up with a brilliant idea of how to cover it. They called Ngozi on the phone, and the CEO promised that if she took the fall, he would find her a higher paying job than her current one. She agreed at once.

By the time HR walked in for the meeting, the matter concluded, the real thieves played out their drama. Of course, HR suspected a rat. The girl was beautiful, but not smart, so breaking codes was way beyond her. However, what could she do?

“I am …”

“She is …”

“He is …”

“This situation is …”

“These people are …”

“This country is …”

It is easy to judge and define a person, people, situations, and countries by what we can see, hear, feel, and understand; however, God has the final say and knows the truth. Hear Him first.

Till next time, be transformed!!

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Photo by Randy Jacob on Unsplash

‘that, as it is written, “He who glories, let him glory in the Lord .”’ I Corinthians 1:31

A long time ago, someone told me about a friend she made during her Youths Service Program in Nigeria. She served in Borno State, located in the Northern part of the country. Her friend, an Alhaja, sold gold in her workplace. This Alhaja looked simple, seemed wealthy and friendly, but didn’t have notable features. The Alhaja invited this person over for lunch one weekend, and my friend will never forget her experience.

The Alhaja lived in a palace, which featured a helipad at the back, for the woman’s trips. They decked the house in luxury that reflected their status, which wowed my friend. However, the woman’s behavior towards her husband shocked her visitor. For such a high-class businesswoman, who traveled around the world, my friend was amazed when she saw the Alhaja kneel before her husband and later sat at his feet. Though it is part of the Muslim culture, it still intrigued my friend.

If a woman who has everything can come home and give glory to her husband, in her behavior towards him, how do we behave before God?

In 1 Corinthians 1, Paul spoke to only those called into the fellowship of Christ. He wasn’t talking to everybody. Paul defined them as those enriched and filled with grace in Christ. He went further to explain who this category of people are, those who live by the wisdom of God and in His power, in Christ.

I noticed there was nothing there about self-achievement. Paul didn’t talk about the schools we attended, our workplaces, or the fatness of our bank accounts. There was nothing about our grades through school or what we achieved at work or how our resumes look. Paul only mentioned the wisdom and power of God in Christ.

Does that mean that our achievements are useless? No. Paul worked in some cities he was led to, based on his knowledge and experience; however, he knew how to come before the Father, to empty himself of everything except Christ crucified and the life obtained from Him.

The Alhaja would kneel before her husband to show respect and give him honor, not as an Alhaja, or as a woman of wealth with a fat bank account, but as his wife. How many times do we go before God’s presence to strip ourselves of all we are and kneel before Him, giving Him the honor He is due? Most of us don’t remember, because we are what we have achieved in this life.

For those called out in Christ, we are the foolishness of God in a world filled to overflowing with its wisdom. We must take time and ask the Holy Spirit to help us assess ourselves, to understand where our glory lies, in God or us.

Till next time, be transformed!!

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“Moreover, Ruth the Moabitess, the widow of Mahlon, I have acquired as my wife, to perpetuate the name of the dead through his inheritance, that the name of the dead may not be cut off from among his brethren and from his position at the gate. You are witnesses this day.” Ruth 4:10

In the verses above, Boaz stated in full what redeeming Ruth entailed. He listed the following:

  1. Acquiring Ruth as a wife (KJV says ‘Purchase’)
  2. Keeping alive the name of the dead and his inheritance
  3. Ensuring that the mention of the dead is continuos among his brethren
  4. Maintaining the position of the dead

All this explains what Christ did when he died on the cross for you and me. It comes alive.

By his death, Jesus purchased us with his blood, from sin and death. He came and gave us life, a more abundant one, and introduced us to the truth of our inheritance in God. Because he died, we can stand with our brethren before God, the Father, and maintain our positions in Christ.

We all know about the above-listed benefits of being Christians, but there is a reason among others, which makes salvation a requirement?

We have an enemy who is walking about looking for who to devour. This enemy is out to steal from us, kill, and destroy us. Why would the devil go so far for Christians? It’s because he knows and understands what most of us do not.

There is another kingdom; he lived there. He stood in God’s presence and never wants us experiencing the glory he can never know again. He doesn’t want us purchased by Christ’s blood. He is not happy about us living in abundance in Christ, in peace, and full of grace. The devil doesn’t want us partaking in the glorious inheritance we received in Christ or taking our position before God.

We take all of these things for granted, I know I have.

When God taught us through the lives of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, the judges, the prophets, and Jesus about the unseen city of gold He is preparing for us, it seemed far fetched. It is real; there is a kingdom.

Christ came to redeem us, and by that process, restored us to live out our destinies in God. If we chose to continue to live in ignorance of what our future in Christ entails, our choice. However, if we decide we are tired of the mundane lives we live on earth and aim higher, the Holy Spirit will guide us into all truth.

Boaz is a redeemer-type. What God has in store for us in Christ is too glorious for our human minds to comprehend. Think about a constant state of grace, access to the divine at all times, and a purpose that enhances your life and enables it to speak through everything you do. Abraham understood it; so did Jesus.

The God-seeker’s adventure is to go through the straight and narrow, but its fulfillment is in God. May we walk our paths by faith and see God.

Till next time, be transformed!!

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Sit Still

Photo by Joshua Earle on Unsplash
'Then she said, "Sit still, my daughter, until you know how the matter will turn out; for the man will not rest until he has concluded the matter this day."' Ruth 3:18 NKJV

Be still.


Words we hear and can’t abide by most of the time. The world is moving and evolving by the second. There are new trends, new ways of doing things, living, and being. If we remain still, the world will move on without us.

Are we of the world?

'For thus says the Lord God, the Holy One of Israel: "In returning and rest, you shall be saved; In quietness and confidence shall be your strength." But you would not,' Isaiah 30:15

To abide in Christ is to rest in His finished work on the cross. One can only abide when the truth of Christ’s work dwells deep in him or her. We cannot make room for God to speak if we live for ourselves.

Naomi knew Boaz. He wouldn’t rest until he got to the bottom of the matter, to marry or not marry Ruth. God predestined us, knowing our end from our beginning. He has concluded every issue that pertains to us. Our High Priest is standing before God, interceding for us, and He left us His Spirit. God is also not resting. We are to choose who or what to follow. We may decide to chase after life and its dubious pleasures; or become God-seekers.

Nobody else can do it for us. Ruth had choices to make, she made the right one’s, and her life speaks till today. We have the Holy Spirit, to advise and mentor us on truth. To guide and lead us on the way to go, to teach us to know God. Every individual has to answer for his or her life.

Quietness and confidence.

The characteristics above are the traits of one that abides in Christ. You can’t get them with money, power, or fame, see David before Goliath. What of Daniel in the Lion’s den? Noah lived in an ark above the flood, while others perished in it. Jesus walked on water, while his disciples cowered in fear.

How about you in the face of life’s problems? Are you quiet, and confident, because you know who you carry within? I pray that we can be still and wait on God, not for now alone, but always. In every decision we make, and in everything we do. For the lives of sons must testify to the glory of God.

Till next time, be transformed!!

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Redeeming the Time

Photo by Kunj Parekh on Unsplash

Source: ‘See then that you walk circumspectly, not as fools but as wise, redeeming the time, because the days are evil. Therefore do not be unwise, but understand what the will of the Lord is. ‘ Ephesians 5:15-17

Jack and Jill went up the hill

To fetch a pail of water…

Let’s change this rhyme up a bit.

Jack and Jill went up the hill

To fetch a pail of water

Jack fell down and broke his crown

And Jill made it to the well of water

How come Jack fell, and Jill made it? Let me tell you their story.

Jack and Jill lived in a village where darkness ruled. The sun withdrew from showing face for a long time, and there was no moon. Over time, the villagers acclimatized to the conditions of nature and thrived in it. They went about their businesses in the darkness, and the smart ones succeeded.

In the village lived an elder, Simon, who remembered the old days. He and some of his friends would gather in his house and talk about the days of sunshine. After a while, their meetings became minor events, as people gathered to hear them speak.

Their discussions didn’t center on daylight alone but also on their walk with God. You see, with the event of darkness, the village council decided that worship centers be closed down to ensure people’s safety until the darkness lifted. With the closure of places of worship, some villagers adapted to life without it. People focused on surviving the dark, and after a while, sought ways to succeed in it. It became the norm.

In their discussions, Simon and his friends talked about how they would go about living in the darkness. What to do and how to train their children in the ways pleasing to God. After a while, their meetings centered around prayer and seeking God’s face. They asked for wisdom and understanding from God on the way forward. They asked for help in the darkness, to live according to the will of God.

Why was this important? Simon walked with God before the darkness and understood that things are not always as they appear. He knew until God revealed the true nature of the night and the reason for it, they would walk amiss.

They prayed. God answered.

Jill was Simon’s granddaughter and prayed with her grandfather during the meetings. She understood the need for prayer and often held her grandfather’s hand tight, in solidarity. In the meeting that changed their lives, they prayed and gave thanks. When their eyes opened, the sun shone with such glory, none of them could keep their eyes open.

They all adjusted to the sun and ambled out of Simon’s house, praising God. They were stopped in the middle of the village by village security.

“What is going on here?” The Sheriff asked.

“Can’t you see the sun? Its brightness is dazzling.” Simon said, and the rest of his people applauded.

“What sun are you referring to?” The Sheriff asked.

Simon looked at the man, and then at his assistants, they weren’t smiling. He frowned, this was no joke. He turned, asked his people to be calm, and walked close to the Sheriff.

“Can’t you see the sun?”

“Are you all mad, old man? Which sun? There is no sun anywhere, and you people keep babbling about it.” The Sheriff said, getting angry.

Simon looked at two women passing by and asked them to wait. He walked up to them.

“Mary, Claudia, can you see the sun?” He asked.

“Papa Simon, which sun? Where is your son? They should be taking care of you.” Mary said as she walked away with Claudia. Their countenance fell as they believed the worst about his mental state.

Simon understood.

He walked back to the Sheriff and apologized for the ruckus they caused.

“Sheriff, my friends and I can see the sun. God answered our prayers, and all the people who prayed in my house are witnesses. I say this to testify that Jesus is Lord, and anybody who believes in Him will walk in the light and not the darkness.” Simon said.

The Sheriff stepped forward, walking into Simon’s space.

“Papa Simon, walk away now with your people, and I will pretend what happened didn’t. If you intend to make people believe that God is with you lot alone, I will not be held responsible for the people’s response to your claims. Think about it, in a village of 500 plus souls; you want us to believe that God favored a handful of you? Go home. I will call your son and have a word with him.”

Simon turned to the people who gathered around them.

“My people, today God has confirmed to us that He is our sun. We do not need the sun anymore because, in Christ, we have light. God offers anyone tired of darkness, a chance to come to Christ and be relieved of its burdens. You do not need to manage or survive the darkness when you have God, no! Take this offer now and…”

The Sheriff and his men carried Simon up and moved towards his house. The people that followed consisted of his praying group, some curious bystanders, and others who believed him and wanted to know more.

Jack and his family thrived in the darkness; they didn’t bother. Of what use was light when the night suited them well. They thought life would continue to crown them with goodness. Jack’s accident on the way to the well was the first, but not the last of incidents they experienced.

Till next time, be transformed!!

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The Visit

Photo by Bahram Bayat on Unsplash

Source: Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own.” I Corinthians 6:19 NKJV

The eight filled up the round table. They sat, drinking and playing cards, one name on their lips, Ambrose.

Fear laughed. “I’m winning today; he’s almost dead inside. Few customers requested for electronics.” His eyes on Worldly wisdom, he chugged his drink down and belched.

Worldly wisdom did not say a word.

Thirty minutes later, a smile lit up the face of Worldly wisdom. He watched as fear sat back in his chair, retaining his second position.

“You see, my guy, Ambrose, is a hustler, He doesn’t dull. If there is a way, he will find it. I kept quiet because I knew that the wise boy would not stay down for long.”

Pride smiled. “At least, I get to show face today. We cannot keep our success a secret; the world needs to know that Ambrose has arrived. How much was it again?”

“He borrowed five million bucks from the bank for adverts. He’s a sharp boy; he will make money back soon.” Worldly wisdom said.

“What if he doesn’t? Look at the times. We have seen businesses fail, though they knocked the ‘A’ out of advertising. Your boy should be careful.” Fear said, countering Worldly wisdom’s words.

“Hah! I’m on today. My boy is on a roll!” Lust of the eyes said as he stood and danced a jig.

“What’s up?” Worldly wisdom asked.

“He is looking at his friend’s shop in Mega Mall, and planning to get one for himself.” Lust of the eyes said, still dancing.

“With all the loans hanging on his neck?” Fear said, his mouth open.

Worldly wisdom smiled, then played a winning hand. “Don’t worry about it; my boy has it covered. Is he the first to live off loans? The bank knows he is good for it.”

“Leave the boy alone. We need to make it bigger than the other boys have. We need to show them.” Jealousy chimed in, getting up to stretch. “Who’s playing next?”

“I am.” Worldly wisdom said as he took another swig from his glass. “We hustle till we die. We will make it big in this town. Wait, let’s check the Leader board for today, who is running the show?” He asked with a smile.

The others hissed, not bothering to respond. He won the day before and the one before that. Jealousy almost wished the light would rise over the darkness in Ambrose’s heart to knock the idiot off his high horse.

“We all have our days. Enjoy yours.” Jealousy said, hissing again.

Depression lifted his glass. “It’s my time of the day, guys. Our boy is rechecking the competition. We are so sad. I can’t even lift my glass.”

Anger rubbed his hands together. “That means I’m about to take over. The way I see it, he will continue with me till the end of the day. I might lead today, guys.” He said as he clapped.

An hour later, Indiscipline laughed. “He is drunk. I’m finally in the running today. I thought he forgot me.”

Ambrose didn’t make it home. He fell into the empty gutter in front of his house. Alcohol gave him the peace he needed from the constant internal state of turmoil he experienced. Ambrose snored and slept, but his mind remained awake, active. Someone opened a door for him, and he stepped into a room.

The room was bare except for a table and two chairs placed opposite each other. Everything was pristine and white, too white for his tastes. He stood, unsure what to do next, when a figure materialized before him, taking a seat.

Ambrose looked on, unsure whether his heart would remain in his chest, his eyes widening. He continued to stand, unable to speak.

“Sit, Ambrose.” The man said.

Something propelled Ambrose to take the seat; he knew he couldn’t have done it by himself.

“I am Peace.” The man said.

Ambrose looked on, not understanding.

“I am the way, the truth, and the life. Do you understand now? The man said.

“Are you Jesus Christ?” Ambrose said, leaning forward.

“I am Jesus, and I have come to give you peace that passes human understanding,” Jesus said.

“How?” Ambrose asked.

“You have to believe me. You need to have faith in my ability to take control of your life and make it worth living.”

“So, if I believe, you can take control of my life, and everything will be okay?” Ambrose asked, gesturing with his hands, and hiding a smile.

“You don’t believe me?”

“No, I believe, but where I come from, you’ve not done much.”

Jesus smiled. “Why don’t we start with you? Can we do that?”

Ambrose remained silent. What was the cost of peace? He had made a name for himself, and he was building his brand. Could he afford the peace that Jesus gives? Maybe later, not today, he said in his mind.

Ambrose woke up in the gutter before 5 am the next morning. His wife helped him up and into the house. His day and life continued as before.

Till next time, be transformed!!

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Paul’s Advice

Photo by Josh Marshall on Unsplash

“And those who are Christ’s have crucified the flesh with its passions and desires. If we live in the Spirit, let us also walk in the Spirit.” Galatians 5:24-25

A dead dog.

That’s the term Mephibosheth, the son of Jonathan, used to describe himself before King David (2 Samuel 9:8). A prince, abandoned by his people, deformed by circumstance, relegated to the background and left in the dark. What would a living dog do in his place? Bark. Assert authority as the grandson of a dead king, but the will of God faced another direction. 

Moses, another prince, barked in Egypt at the wrong time, and Egypt ran him off. God allowed him to experience the darkness, a place of the unknown. In this place, one is stripped of everything, to allow God to have his way. Moses also became a dead dog, unable to bark, until his time came. 

What happened to Moses, a prince, tending another’s sheep? How did he cope from being waited on, to being the waiter? Moses, the prince of Egypt, died to give way to Moses, the deliverer. To some, his story is one of calamity, until the rest of the story plays out. Out of the catastrophe that befell him, came the call to such greatness that centuries after his death, we are still telling his stories to our children and grandchildren. Imagine such a life! 

When David elevated Mephibosheth’s status, he went from prince nobody to the prince that eats at the king’s table. Ziba, Saul’s former servant, who had 20 people serving in his home, attended this lame man with everbody in his house. Mephibosheth and Moses learned humility by the things they suffered. 

Why does God allow us to go through seasons of darkness? This question is not for God; it’s for us. If all things work together for good for the sons of God who love Him, doesn’t that mean that whatever we go through is moving us towards the destiny He chose?

Sometimes, we also suffer on the inside in our secret places. Secrets known only by the sufferers, but whether internal or external, to what end? Death. The life receptive to the flesh has got to go. The only way to abide in Christ is by crucifying the flesh that seeks to hold on to a temporary, decaying world that cannot save itself. 

Why go through this death? To awaken and live every second in God, from our position in Christ. It may not seem like much because only a minute number of people are living this way. However, imagine access to divinity, 24/7. I’m in! 

Unlike the people mentioned above, Jesus Christ knew what to expect on the other side of his great sacrifice. However, no matter how hard we try, we cannot envision what God has prepared for us. Thank God for the Holy Spirit, who is available to disclose Abba’s plans to us as we walk with Him. 

Mephibosheth ate at the king’s table, and Moses became the deliverer. Jesus is sitting at the right hand of God, the father. In Christ, God elevated us beyond what our minds can reason out, and our eyes can see. 

Please take my advice, follow Paul’s recommendations. Walk in the Spirit.

Till next time, be transformed!!

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Adelaide’s Day

Photo by Jackson David on Unsplash

Source: ‘For you are all sons of God through faith in Christ Jesus. For as many of you as were baptized into Christ have put on Christ. There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free, there is neither male nor female; for you are all one in Christ Jesus. And if you are Christ’s, then you are Abraham’s seed, and heirs according to the promise.’ Galatians 3:26-29

My name is Adelaide, and I am a child of God. I’m married with two daughters, ages five and eight; they are beautiful girls. I am a content writer for a fashion house in Lagos, and this post is about a day in my life. I wake up daily with the understanding that I am alive to further the kingdom of God. Not to be a mother, wife, provider, or content writer, anybody can excel in these things. Therefore, I submit my life and the lives of my family and the Church to God. 

With the understanding that prayer is a constant exercise, I pray all the time. During my morning walks, in the bathroom, as I greet my husband and children wishing them well, on my way to work, etc. The whole day is spent in prayer because I know who I can become without it. I understand that to do God’s will in my life, mine must cease to exist, so I pray. 

Today is a Tuesday. Tuesdays are challenging, with meetings, decisions, drafting posts for our social sites, etc. I’m good at my job. My colleagues think I write from a place of great skill, if only they knew. Dressed down in jeans, a black top with kente prints knitted into the front, and sneakers, I enter my office to start the day. I may not be the best dressed, but I asked for help from the Holy Spirit because everything about me speaks. 

The industry I work in is fast, challenging, and doesn’t accept anything but the best, no mistakes. My boss expects me to be timely with my ideas and strategies, which, of course, should be effective. I have retained my job because God wants me there, and the Holy Spirit teaches me on the job. He tells me what to write, refers me to research areas to find out what’s next, and directs me to people who talk to me about the now in the industry, industry leaders if you like. 

I’m drinking my beverage about 9:30 am when my boss walks into the kitchen. 

“Hey, Adelaide, we have this distributor I met some months ago seated in the meeting room at the moment. Can you spare thirty minutes? I need you at the meeting.” 

“Of course, sir,” I say as he smiles and rushes out. 

I’m irritated because I hate to have things sprung on me. I scheduled a meeting with one of my writers, which starts in ten minutes, and now I have to cancel. Not because of my boss’s request, but because I can re-schedule. I make the call fast, then I head to the meeting room, praying as I go. 

The distributor wants to link us to an Asian customer interested in the brand. We all listen in, and at the end of the presentation, the presenter expects feedback. I give none, not having much to say. I remain true to who I am, and I speak as I am given utterance on any matter. My past errors still hunt me; experience has taught me well. 

My schedule for the day keeps me busy, planning the next post with my team and updating the calendar with the solutions we brainstormed. Then it’s lunchtime, and after eating, I sit to draft out a post my team can work on, and publish when approved. 

My boss asks to see me at 5 pm, and the discussion is about the distributors. He wants to know my thoughts. Over time, the recommendations I made by the leading of the Spirit panned out. I learned to check with him first before speaking. 

I checked the distributor’s website over lunch, checking for authenticity, searching for links to the Asian company, or feedback on work done with them, there was none. I’m suspicious, are we the first company he is pitching the Asian connection? I also checked the Asian company’s website, and it’s bare, with no helpful information. 

I advise my boss to hold on until we have more information on the distributor and the Asians. I know that time reveals all things, so patience is my friend. One forced on me, but one I need. 

I leave for home at 6 pm and arrive an hour later, exhausted. On arrival, different problems are waiting for me. We ran out of gas to cook, and my husband referred the children to me to help with their homework. My husband, an entrepreneur who works from home, has been home the whole day. 

I am troubled that he does not help the children, but expects them to wait until I return. This has happened time and time again, and as I make my way to the home office to thrash this out, God’s Spirit reminds me that my anger is unrighteous. I dig my nails into my palms as I stop, just before the door to the office. I stood there for a while, before turning and walking away. 

I sort out the gas issue by using the electric burner, my house help doesn’t know-how, and I call for gas to be delivered the next day. Dinner is cooking when I go to take a bath and settle down to help the kids, relegating the discussion with the man till bedtime. 

I am working on my iPad, updating my schedule for the next day, when he walks in. I wait for him to take a bath and settle down before I ask him about the children and their homework. 

“Can’t you help them, how difficult can it be?” he asks. 

“I could ask you the same question, Tony.” 

He turns to me. “I was busy today, a deadline to deliver on.” 

“There have been other days like today. I come back exhausted from work too, and I would appreciate your help…” I knew that came out wrong and didn’t bother to finish.

“Are you implying I don’t help with the kids?” 

“I’m sorry. I know you do, but please, I work as well.” 

He lay down and turned to the other side, away from me. I lay the matter down before God, asking for wisdom. I meditate over the events of my day and pray as I study the scriptures. I go to sleep. 

Till next time, be transformed!!

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The Ways of Life

Photo by Deva Darshan on Unsplash

Source: ‘You have made known to me the ways of life; You will make me full of joy in Your presence.’’ Acts 2:28

If you grew up in church, the phrases, the narrow and broad, wouldn’t be new. People are taught from childhood to avoid the broad way that leads to destruction and follow the narrow way that leads to life.

The narrow way does lead to life. For some, It is difficult to access because of the numerous rules/laws laid down for them to find it. For others, the overwhelming nature of life wrapped them in tight, like a cloak, and they don’t know the left from the right. Yet, another group has looked and decided they want to continue in the broad path, after all, are there not millions of people attending Hade’s party?

This discussion is about our way and God’s way. From our waking hour until we sleep, our decision-making process will show us which direction we are on, God’s or our own.

  • Are we making the best decision for our families? According to whose wisdom, God’s or ours?
  • Are the recommended schools the best for the kids? How do we know?
  • The guy or lady a friend just recommended is the ‘It’. Who told us?
  • The job opportunity posted by a top firm in your location is what we need? Are we 100% sure?
  • What are we making for dinner? He knows best.

If God does not show us His ways, the cycle of mistakes will continue.

The backslider in heart will be filled with his ways, But a good man will be satisfied from above.’ Proverbs 14:14

How do we know God’s ways? By asking the Holy Spirit

God created a different destiny for every creature, imagine the creativity in that! Your way is different from mine, but the same Spirit empowers us for one goal. Until we begin to walk in God’s ways of life, we merely exist.

Is there anything we don’t need God’s wisdom for, let’s be serious, is there?

  • Marriage?
  • Kids?
  • Family?
  • Business?
  • Competition?
  • What to wear?
  • What to cook?

Let me stop there; you get the picture. The more we depend on God’s Spirit and less on us, the more He introduces joy. He will be walking with us every step of the way on the great adventure.

I call it an adventure, which means there are all sorts out there. Wolves in sheep clothing, actual wolves, pretend wolves, roaring lions, etc. Always remember in whose presence you are and lay everything before the Father in worship at all times.

I watched the movie The Shack in 2017. What I took away from that film is encapsulated in the song below. He is always there, though we can’t see. He is carrying us when our legs give way and taking the steps forward into life with us on his whip scarred back. He will never leave us, no matter what we face. Call to Him, ask Him for His way. Learn of Him, the Holy Spirit is waiting and available, and God will give us His joy.

Enjoy Where were You? by Francesca Battistelli –

Till next time, be transformed!!

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All Lives Matter

Photo by Ryoji Iwata on Unsplash

Source: ‘But the wisdom that is from above is first pure, then peaceable, gentle, willing to yield, full of mercy and good fruits, without partiality and without hypocrisy. ‘ James 3:17

All Lives Matter.

Here, we judge each other by tribe, level of education, gender, intelligence, and sometimes, the ability to turn away from evil and reap the fruit (material compensation).

The word of God teaches us we can live in two ways, one path contrary to the other. There is the wisdom of the world and then the wisdom from above. With godly wisdom, it can never be about how we feel or how we judge a matter because we may have all the evidence that shows one is guilty, and God declares the judgment wrong.

So, how do we know the right and wrong actions to take at all times? Ask the Holy Spirit.

How can we judge, when we don’t have wisdom from God about the matter? Are our motives first: pure, peaceful, gentle, willing to yield, full of mercy for the other person, able to bear fruit before God, without partiality and hypocrisy? Ten out of ten times, no.

How do you treat the next person, on the bus, or in the office, in our constituents or our teams? What about the people helping us at home, that we pay? Are these people not children of God, who call on His name?

It’s not about the perpetrators of evil that we can see; the matter is between God and us. Our ability to stand before our Father, lifting holy hands in praise and worship. Can we do it with our conscience clear before the Father of lights?

We have seen evil face to face, but there is hidden wickedness. Some of us are unaware of the consequences of our daily actions and the decisions we take, going about our lives, ignorant of the wreckage we leave behind. We are all in this to win it in Christ, but we can never make it in our wisdom. Ask the Israelites about their sojourn in Egypt.

Truth: Before God, all lives matter. Every living person under the sun matters to Him, the creator, and Father.

I pray God opens the eyes of our understanding by His Spirit. Giving us wisdom and revelation as He aids us to know Him, so we can also live like Him with wisdom from above.

Till next time, be transformed!!