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The Visit

Photo by Bahram Bayat on Unsplash

Source: Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own.” I Corinthians 6:19 NKJV

The eight filled up the round table. They sat, drinking and playing cards, one name on their lips, Ambrose.

Fear laughed. “I’m winning today; he’s almost dead inside. Few customers requested for electronics.” His eyes on Worldly wisdom, he chugged his drink down and belched.

Worldly wisdom did not say a word.

Thirty minutes later, a smile lit up the face of Worldly wisdom. He watched as fear sat back in his chair, retaining his second position.

“You see, my guy, Ambrose, is a hustler, He doesn’t dull. If there is a way, he will find it. I kept quiet because I knew that the wise boy would not stay down for long.”

Pride smiled. “At least, I get to show face today. We cannot keep our success a secret; the world needs to know that Ambrose has arrived. How much was it again?”

“He borrowed five million bucks from the bank for adverts. He’s a sharp boy; he will make money back soon.” Worldly wisdom said.

“What if he doesn’t? Look at the times. We have seen businesses fail, though they knocked the ‘A’ out of advertising. Your boy should be careful.” Fear said, countering Worldly wisdom’s words.

“Hah! I’m on today. My boy is on a roll!” Lust of the eyes said as he stood and danced a jig.

“What’s up?” Worldly wisdom asked.

“He is looking at his friend’s shop in Mega Mall, and planning to get one for himself.” Lust of the eyes said, still dancing.

“With all the loans hanging on his neck?” Fear said, his mouth open.

Worldly wisdom smiled, then played a winning hand. “Don’t worry about it; my boy has it covered. Is he the first to live off loans? The bank knows he is good for it.”

“Leave the boy alone. We need to make it bigger than the other boys have. We need to show them.” Jealousy chimed in, getting up to stretch. “Who’s playing next?”

“I am.” Worldly wisdom said as he took another swig from his glass. “We hustle till we die. We will make it big in this town. Wait, let’s check the Leader board for today, who is running the show?” He asked with a smile.

The others hissed, not bothering to respond. He won the day before and the one before that. Jealousy almost wished the light would rise over the darkness in Ambrose’s heart to knock the idiot off his high horse.

“We all have our days. Enjoy yours.” Jealousy said, hissing again.

Depression lifted his glass. “It’s my time of the day, guys. Our boy is rechecking the competition. We are so sad. I can’t even lift my glass.”

Anger rubbed his hands together. “That means I’m about to take over. The way I see it, he will continue with me till the end of the day. I might lead today, guys.” He said as he clapped.

An hour later, Indiscipline laughed. “He is drunk. I’m finally in the running today. I thought he forgot me.”

Ambrose didn’t make it home. He fell into the empty gutter in front of his house. Alcohol gave him the peace he needed from the constant internal state of turmoil he experienced. Ambrose snored and slept, but his mind remained awake, active. Someone opened a door for him, and he stepped into a room.

The room was bare except for a table and two chairs placed opposite each other. Everything was pristine and white, too white for his tastes. He stood, unsure what to do next, when a figure materialized before him, taking a seat.

Ambrose looked on, unsure whether his heart would remain in his chest, his eyes widening. He continued to stand, unable to speak.

“Sit, Ambrose.” The man said.

Something propelled Ambrose to take the seat; he knew he couldn’t have done it by himself.

“I am Peace.” The man said.

Ambrose looked on, not understanding.

“I am the way, the truth, and the life. Do you understand now? The man said.

“Are you Jesus Christ?” Ambrose said, leaning forward.

“I am Jesus, and I have come to give you peace that passes human understanding,” Jesus said.

“How?” Ambrose asked.

“You have to believe me. You need to have faith in my ability to take control of your life and make it worth living.”

“So, if I believe, you can take control of my life, and everything will be okay?” Ambrose asked, gesturing with his hands, and hiding a smile.

“You don’t believe me?”

“No, I believe, but where I come from, you’ve not done much.”

Jesus smiled. “Why don’t we start with you? Can we do that?”

Ambrose remained silent. What was the cost of peace? He had made a name for himself, and he was building his brand. Could he afford the peace that Jesus gives? Maybe later, not today, he said in his mind.

Ambrose woke up in the gutter before 5 am the next morning. His wife helped him up and into the house. His day and life continued as before.

Till next time, be transformed!!