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Redeeming the Time

Photo by Kunj Parekh on Unsplash

Source: ‘See then that you walk circumspectly, not as fools but as wise, redeeming the time, because the days are evil. Therefore do not be unwise, but understand what the will of the Lord is. ‘ Ephesians 5:15-17

Jack and Jill went up the hill

To fetch a pail of water…

Let’s change this rhyme up a bit.

Jack and Jill went up the hill

To fetch a pail of water

Jack fell down and broke his crown

And Jill made it to the well of water

How come Jack fell, and Jill made it? Let me tell you their story.

Jack and Jill lived in a village where darkness ruled. The sun withdrew from showing face for a long time, and there was no moon. Over time, the villagers acclimatized to the conditions of nature and thrived in it. They went about their businesses in the darkness, and the smart ones succeeded.

In the village lived an elder, Simon, who remembered the old days. He and some of his friends would gather in his house and talk about the days of sunshine. After a while, their meetings became minor events, as people gathered to hear them speak.

Their discussions didn’t center on daylight alone but also on their walk with God. You see, with the event of darkness, the village council decided that worship centers be closed down to ensure people’s safety until the darkness lifted. With the closure of places of worship, some villagers adapted to life without it. People focused on surviving the dark, and after a while, sought ways to succeed in it. It became the norm.

In their discussions, Simon and his friends talked about how they would go about living in the darkness. What to do and how to train their children in the ways pleasing to God. After a while, their meetings centered around prayer and seeking God’s face. They asked for wisdom and understanding from God on the way forward. They asked for help in the darkness, to live according to the will of God.

Why was this important? Simon walked with God before the darkness and understood that things are not always as they appear. He knew until God revealed the true nature of the night and the reason for it, they would walk amiss.

They prayed. God answered.

Jill was Simon’s granddaughter and prayed with her grandfather during the meetings. She understood the need for prayer and often held her grandfather’s hand tight, in solidarity. In the meeting that changed their lives, they prayed and gave thanks. When their eyes opened, the sun shone with such glory, none of them could keep their eyes open.

They all adjusted to the sun and ambled out of Simon’s house, praising God. They were stopped in the middle of the village by village security.

“What is going on here?” The Sheriff asked.

“Can’t you see the sun? Its brightness is dazzling.” Simon said, and the rest of his people applauded.

“What sun are you referring to?” The Sheriff asked.

Simon looked at the man, and then at his assistants, they weren’t smiling. He frowned, this was no joke. He turned, asked his people to be calm, and walked close to the Sheriff.

“Can’t you see the sun?”

“Are you all mad, old man? Which sun? There is no sun anywhere, and you people keep babbling about it.” The Sheriff said, getting angry.

Simon looked at two women passing by and asked them to wait. He walked up to them.

“Mary, Claudia, can you see the sun?” He asked.

“Papa Simon, which sun? Where is your son? They should be taking care of you.” Mary said as she walked away with Claudia. Their countenance fell as they believed the worst about his mental state.

Simon understood.

He walked back to the Sheriff and apologized for the ruckus they caused.

“Sheriff, my friends and I can see the sun. God answered our prayers, and all the people who prayed in my house are witnesses. I say this to testify that Jesus is Lord, and anybody who believes in Him will walk in the light and not the darkness.” Simon said.

The Sheriff stepped forward, walking into Simon’s space.

“Papa Simon, walk away now with your people, and I will pretend what happened didn’t. If you intend to make people believe that God is with you lot alone, I will not be held responsible for the people’s response to your claims. Think about it, in a village of 500 plus souls; you want us to believe that God favored a handful of you? Go home. I will call your son and have a word with him.”

Simon turned to the people who gathered around them.

“My people, today God has confirmed to us that He is our sun. We do not need the sun anymore because, in Christ, we have light. God offers anyone tired of darkness, a chance to come to Christ and be relieved of its burdens. You do not need to manage or survive the darkness when you have God, no! Take this offer now and…”

The Sheriff and his men carried Simon up and moved towards his house. The people that followed consisted of his praying group, some curious bystanders, and others who believed him and wanted to know more.

Jack and his family thrived in the darkness; they didn’t bother. Of what use was light when the night suited them well. They thought life would continue to crown them with goodness. Jack’s accident on the way to the well was the first, but not the last of incidents they experienced.

Till next time, be transformed!!


All spirit; no flesh.

2 thoughts on “Redeeming the Time

  1. I just absolutely loved this. I felt like you tied in some elements of life now with churches being closed at the moment. May we hold onto God and lean into Him more and He will make it possible for us to see His light in the midst of all this chaos.

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