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Judge Nothing

‘Therefore judge nothing before the time, until the Lord comes, who will both bring to light the hidden things of darkness and reveal the counsels of the hearts. Then each one’s praise will come from God.’ I Corinthians 4:5

“She is a thief and must be sacked!”

The Executive staff of five managers, stood in the CEO’s office as he vented. The thief, his secretary of six months, waited outside the office for the verdict.

“How many months has she been here to have such audacity? Imagine opening my suitcase and taking out all the money? No, I cannot let this slide. HR, do you duty here, I won’t let this girl work here one second more.” The CEO turned in his swivel chair and faced the window.

His office didn’t have walls, only glass. There were either other offices or scope of the area, a business district from any side you looked. He smiled. The five managers who stood nodding to the chief’s back were acting as expected.

Marketing shook his head. “What are young people turning to these days? How did she know the combination to his briefcase?”

Four thousand dollars, allegedly stolen by the secretary, a beautiful girl who didn’t have much except her beauty going for her, was the ruckus’s cause.

“These children learn to hack at anything and break codes once they are born. It must have been a piece of cake.” Sales said.

“HR, please do the needful and do not delay, sack her right now. Shouldn’t she be going to arrange it boss?” Facility asked.

The CEO waved his hand, still backing them. He kept smiling.

Operations led HR out of the room. “He has approved, get going.” He said, encouraging her.

In the next room, HR looked at the girl, who didn’t weep or talk. The girl bent her head and kept mute as if the matter struck her dumb.

“Ngozi, don’t you have anything to say in your defense?” HR asked.

“Nothing,” Ngozi said.

“See, she can’t say anything. She did it.” Operations said, persisting in his claims. He took HR by the hands and led her to her office. Returning five minutes later, he winked at Ngozi and entered the CEO’s office.

“Did she fall for it?” The CEO asked, turning to him.

“She is drafting the letter and the email to the entire staff as we speak. It’s a done deal.” Operations said, laughing.

“Boss, you should transfer money to my account for this plan. It worked to a ‘T’.” Sales said.

The CEO laughed. “Don’t worry. I’ll settle everybody once we’ve dealt with Ngozi’s case.”

Who could have guessed what happened to the money?

The managers, the CEO, and his secretary were at a club the night before, where they blew 4000 dollars mapped out for purchasing a new generator for the office. Early the next morning, before HR arrived for the Management meeting, Sales came up with a brilliant idea of how to cover it. They called Ngozi on the phone, and the CEO promised that if she took the fall, he would find her a higher paying job than her current one. She agreed at once.

By the time HR walked in for the meeting, the matter concluded, the real thieves played out their drama. Of course, HR suspected a rat. The girl was beautiful, but not smart, so breaking codes was way beyond her. However, what could she do?

“I am …”

“She is …”

“He is …”

“This situation is …”

“These people are …”

“This country is …”

It is easy to judge and define a person, people, situations, and countries by what we can see, hear, feel, and understand; however, God has the final say and knows the truth. Hear Him first.

Till next time, be transformed!!