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Awaken ~ See God’s Dream for You

Your Last Day On Earth


Aloha, beloved ~ You are soo loved!  Yes you, reading this right now.  I have spent time praying for you.  Jesus loves you!  We have a real GOD in Heaven!  My heart is shouting for you to not just know about Him, but to truly KNOW Him!  We must believe AND know!  

He has a love assignment for each of us.

May we rise like a sunrise as His messengers.  Here is my message from God~ painted into dreams..  Now I’m no painter, just trying my best to be obedient.  Giving up my control.. to let Him be in control.. While painting, I delighted in precious father-daughter time with Him.. Seeing what a Creator is He..  God of creativity.. vision, colors, beauty.. plans.. love and glory..

Maybe you are here because you are one of my regular readers.. Or perhaps you are lost and am looking for encouragement…

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All spirit; no flesh.

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