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The Seed

“For this [reason] the Father loves Me because I lay down My [own] life–to take it back again.” ‭‭John‬ ‭10:17‬ ‭AMPC‬‬

They walked along the walk-way back to their hostels in silence, and sometimes, someone spoke, breaking it. They finished late, so the pastor asked the guys, Dane and Obi, to escort the girls, Uloma and Shirley, to their hostels before calling it a night.

“How can we be seated at the right hand of God, as we are now? Does it make any sense? How can God allow the things happening to continue and then tell us we are at His right hand? People go back to their parent-churches for this reason because all this breaking open of God’s word can drive someone crazy.” Shirley said with a hiss.

“Hah, Shirley, doubting Thomas. It’s by faith, and I am so blessed by this word of encouragement. What the word means is we are all far above principalities and powers of darkness, don’t you get it? When they try us, we are safe in Christ. Use your eyes of faith, girl. Uloma, talk to her, I see her falling off the Christian wagon soon.” Dane said and laughed.

Uloma turned and smiled, and at that exact minute, they heard a gunshot behind them, coming from the bushy area on their right.

Dane took off without a word to anyone.

Obi hurried the girls along, encouraging them not to worry, as he quoted scripture verses.

When they got close to the hostels, students gathered outside. Some asked them if they saw the shooter since they were coming from the direction of the shot. They ignored most of the questions, relieved they were alive.

“Where is that Christian wagon driver, who runs away at the first sign of trouble? Let him say one more thing to me about faith, and…” Shirley said and hissed. She turned to Obi.

“Thank you, Obi, the man of God.” She said hailing him. Uloma joined her, offering to buy Obi dinner.

“No, thanks, guys. I have to make an urgent call. See you tomorrow, good night.” Obi said and walked away.

He had to call home. The text on his phone from his brother worried him to no end. Would God allow his mother to die? Obi got to his room and thanked the Lord his roommate was out. He recharged his phone and called his family. Thirty minutes later, a crying Obi asked God, why? His mother remained unwell.

How could he be seated at God’s right hand and be experiencing such a heartbreaking situation? He decided not to sit still and let death take his mother. Obi prayed the rest of the night, begging, cajoling, and threatening God on his mother’s behalf.

The next morning, his phone rang early. He woke up on his knees beside his bed, took the call, and his little Christian heart died.

Uloma heard about Obi’s mom after he left for home. They were in the same department, and the Class Rep. broke the news to the class. She prayed that God would comfort him. Uloma also stayed up late thinking about the word they received the night before and what it meant. If they were seated in Christ in the heavenly places, did it mean bad things couldn’t befall them? Were Christians made for abundance alone in Christ?

She arrived at an idea later that day, a revelation. Since their lives were hidden in Christ, regardless of what they encountered, they were on solid ground. Uloma knew this applied to those who believed God’s plan remained intact, no matter what. It would take death in the flesh to live in Christ, like Christ. They would have to die to their human wisdom, to the fears which easily beset, and the pressure life throws. Only in death, would they live, and bear fruit. She hoped Obi had the same mindset and sent him a text.

He didn’t respond to her text, never did.

The Sower sowed on different soil, only one amongst the four would yield fruit.

Till next time, be transformed!!


All spirit; no flesh.

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