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Today: A Story of Joy

My waking up process is slow. A song of praise plays in my heart, as I start to devote myself to God. It’s a habit for my mind to shift from dreams and nothingness into my Father’s presence. I worship, though my body is still at rest, between sleep and full awareness. The peace from being in His presence keeps me positioned in place, though not unwilling to face the day, no longer afraid of what it might bring.

I have two children, an absent husband and next to nothing in the bank, but the day dawns, and the sun shines in its glory. I rise from my position, and I start my morning routine: I have children to feed and care for, a house to manage and washing to do for my customers.

In another time, with another mindset, I would be in a state of panic. How will we survive? Today, I walk into the bathroom, thankful the house is small, almost cramped so that I can move around fast. I brush my teeth and nod my head to the songs I downloaded into my phone, worship songs that position my heart. I hurry through my bath routine, so I can be ready for the children when they wake up.

I meditate on a scripture verse at the back of my mind, somewhere in Matthew, 6 or 7, as I go about my day. I make breakfast and get the children ready, still enveloped in the peace only God gives. I ask the Holy Spirit for wisdom while I meditate. A while later, the children are doing homework, and I turn to the job that pays some bills.

The verse starts with, “do not worry about tomorrow…”

I haven’t lived very long, but my experiences, good and bad, shine bright with the scarlet color of the grace of God. My life is full of snapshots of His salvation, from the smallest of situations to grand events, all pointing to one truth; God is with me. He has taught me grace, a speck of it, but enough to learn to wait on Him. I look up from my task outside the house, and I give thanks as understanding dawns.

I have today. His grace and mercies are new today. In my weakness, He is my strength today. There is no need to worry about tomorrow. Since God has not revealed tomorrow’s ways or events, I will only look to today.

I feel grace puts me in an out-of-body experience. My body is on the earth, but I am above, looking down at myself. My body may be sick, and I may have nothing in the bank with a future that seems bleak, while the person looking down (my spirit) is thriving. My spirit rejoices in the grace available, the mercies, God’s kindness, and strength working together for my good. Joy seeps through the barriers and shields of questions and lies told by what I see, hear and feel, permeating to the physical.

Today, I chose to rejoice and be glad in the circumstances in which I find myself because my light has come, and the glory of the Lord will arise.

Till next time, be transformed!!


All spirit; no flesh.

9 thoughts on “Today: A Story of Joy

  1. Each day that we decide that we are going to be a better Christian today then we were yesterday. It is always refreshing when we sing praises to God. I know for me that each morning when I awake, the first thing I do is say” Thank you Jesus for waking me up” I say this before my feet hits the floor. I want to star my day off first by giving Glory to the Father who has given me breath in my lungs to see this brand new day.

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