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The Power to Transform

Photo by Håkon Grimstad on Unsplash

The Pastor stood after the Praise and Worship session, and all the noise died down. He smiled and turned to the young lady seated in the front row.
“Come, Ndidi, tell us your story.”
Ndidi was hesitant. She started attending fellowship meetings two weeks before and didn’t know if she could open up about her past life. She stood, unsure, but when she remembered the power of her transformation, she stepped forward and stood before all.
“Good evening,” She said, smiling at how confident she felt.
“I am a second year, Banking and Finance undergrad in the School of Business. I will start with my childhood. I was a sheltered child. My parents didn’t have many of us and tried to shield their children from the evil they witnessed daily. I grew up shy and introverted, not doing the kind of things my friends and age mates did. I lived this way until my last year in secondary school. After my final exams, I did the unthinkable. I attended an all-night party without the knowledge of my parents and got away with it.
“This secret life continued when I gained admission into this school. From my first year until about a month ago, I attended several parties with my friends, smoked cigarettes, and drank alcohol. Though I knew my habits were terrible, I felt like I had escaped from a high-security prison. I was free to live as I chose.
“Something happened to me last month. A guy I wanted to date asked me instead to give my life to Jesus, and I obliged, laughing at myself. I repeated the words after him, to make him happy, and joked to my friends about my funny act afterward. It was all fun and games to me, but God heard me that night. You see, though on the external I joked, I asked myself as I said the words, if it was possible to change? God heard the question, and unknown to me, set out to answer it.
“A week after I made a joke of becoming Christ’s, the Police arrested my partying group on our way back to school from a gig. We didn’t observe the curfew regulations the government put in place. After bail the next morning, I went straight to bed, still drunk, and unable to attend lectures. While I slept or tried to, tired of my life, my roommate played a Christian tape on her radio. I didn’t listen, but it kept playing and disturbing my peace. When I tuned in, all I heard were the lyrics. The songs touched my heart, and after a while, I played the tape repeatedly.
“The words in the songs spoke to me about me. The spoke about a love stronger and more powerful than all my sins and problems. They spoke about salvation, redemption, a greater life. By the next week, I could sing the songs on my own and took the words to heart, believing them. A week after that, I had the power and conviction to say no to every event, party, and bad habit my friends proposed to get me out of my room. They worried about me, called me names, and laughed at my changed life, but all that didn’t shake me. I knew a greater power than I’d ever known, was at work, and boy was it fast.”
The people listening laughed, and Ndidi smiled back.
“I stand here at the Pastor’s insistence to tell everybody listening that God hears, and He knows what we are going through. It took Him two weeks, and I gave up a lifestyle built in almost two years. I don’t smoke anymore, and neither do I drink alcohol. I have no interest in going to parties either. All I seek is the one who changed me because I know He just started His good work.”
Ndidi stopped and looked at the Pastor with a smile. He nodded as he stood and joined her.
“Ndidi is still as amazed as most of us who knew her in the past are, at God’s immense power. He swept in and transformed her from the inside, and He is still doing His work. Her story is a reminder to the people who think God has stopped working in their lives. For the ones who think His ears have gone deaf and his hands are too short to save. Ndidi didn’t know our Father heard her the day she yielded her life, but He listened and answered her inner cry for change. God is still answering the cries of our hearts, working all things out according to the counsel of His will. Be encouraged brethren, and continue to believe. We will see God’s glory in our lives.” He turned to Ndidi. “Thank you, Ndidi. God bless you for this testimony.”
Ndidi nodded and went back to her seat. Nobody else was aware of the tears that fell from the eyes of another young lady, a friend of hers, whose life had been touched by her testimony. She believed God could also change her as He had done Ndidi. Nobody else but God, as usual, heard her cry.

Till next time, be transformed!!!

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Mighty in God.

Photo by Ben White on Unsplash

Mr. Chukwuka was driving the boys home after school, and they were all quiet. Ugonna fought again, and the Principal invited their father for a chat, fifteen minutes before the end of the school day.
After school, the twins walked to the car, where their father and Ugonna sat waiting. Nobody made a sound from the school to the house, but the twins knew Ugonna was dead meat.
The wrongdoer bit his lips in worry as he starred out of the car window. Once again, his temper got the best of him, and his father would educate him on the painful uses of pepper.
Their father dropped them off in front of the house and went to park his car in the nearby shade. The boys hurried in, and ran straight to their rooms, hoping not to be confronted by their father until dinner time. By then, he must have cooled off.
“Boys, down here now.” Their father said, his voice raised for them to hear.
Twenty seconds later, they were all gathered in the living room before him.
Their father watched them, looking at their faces before taking his seat and folding his arms.
“What did we talk about this morning?” He asked
Uzondu, one of the twins, raised his hand first. “Our weapons of war.”
Their father nodded. “Who are we supposed to be fighting?”
Uzondu’s hand went up again. Their father looked at the others.
“Ugonna, Onyeka, nothing to say?”
“We are supposed to fight the devil and his minions,” Ugonna said, looking away.
“Now who can mention Ugonna’s mistakes in fighting another person, from the verses we read?”
“He shouldn’t have fought another human being, Daddy,” Onyeka said, his voice quiet.
“Very good, Onyeka. That’s the truth, the belt that should have held his spiritual armor together. What else?”
“He didn’t wait for God to save him,” Uzondu said.
“Brilliant. We should always wear the helmet of Salvation, bearing in mind that God is the one who saves us in all situations. What else?”
The twins continued thinking about how to apply the scripture verses, while Ugonna’s head stayed down. Their father noticed.
“Ugonna, I expect answers from you.”
“I should have worn the breastplate of righteousness, instead of fighting to be right.”
“You should guard your heart at all times. That’s where Christ is seated. Give all your problems to him to sort out in his righteousness and stop taking matters into your own hands. Anyone else?”
“He didn’t remember to use the sword,” Onyeka said.
“Yes, Onyeka. The word of God is the sword, and he forgot the word we shared this morning. Any more?”
“I didn’t shield myself from the words I heard. I reacted out of anger.” Ugonna said.
“True. Listen, children, the enemy is out to destroy your destinies, and he will come at you with everything in his arsenal. Like the video games you play, he will keep trying to shoot you down. Always remember that no matter how weak you seem, trust God’s strength, and you will overcome. In every situation, ask Him for help first. You must never use any other power or might, but rely on God by faith. Next.”
“How would the shoes have helped, daddy?” Onyeka asked.
Their father nodded and turned to the others. “Can anyone help Onyeka with this?”
Nobody responded.
“The shoes show our eagerness to spread the gospel of peace. By fighting today, did Ugonna show he was eager to tell others about our gospel? No, instead, he spread war and hate.”
The twins nodded, while Ugonna’s eyes turned to the floor.
“Ugonna, I will punish you because you forgot who you are and accepted the lies the enemy fed you. You should have stepped back and reported the matter to your teacher, no matter how chicken it made you look or how much you wanted to correct the wrong done to you. This warning goes for all of you. You must take the word of God to heart and understand that the devil is out not just to steal the truth from you, but to kill and destroy you. You are strong in God alone, and the battle is His.”
The twins nodded again, while they watched their father escort Ugonna to the office for his punishment.

Till next time, be transformed!!!

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The Awakening

Photo by Hatham on Unsplash

Uzo slept on in the darkened cold space, wrapped up like a blanket. She preferred to remain asleep, it was easier. One didn’t have to stress in sleep or work. Fear was a constant companion, but like every friend, they would learn to co-exist.

“Wake up, Uzo. It is time.”

She didn’t budge. She heard the voice but didn’t know if she wanted to continue living a life she didn’t understand. Sometimes, it felt like trial and error, and at other times, she heard the words which encouraged her to go on, but not today.

What was she waking up to do? The darkness looked safe. She would become used to it and understand how to work it. Over time, she knew what to expect and readied herself for it. However, the other place required her all, a commodity she didn’t feel up to at the moment. She was tired.

“Your light has come.”

Those words, soft, but mighty on impact, jarred her awake. Uzo opened her eyes, hesitant at first, until she realized what the light meant, and opened her eyes wide. She sat up as she glanced around her in awe. The light was brilliant, illuminating everything in sight. She could see objects she hadn’t see before but knew they were there. The coldness receded, and warmth took its place, covering her entire body.

Uzo rose and looked around, noticing the true forms of everything around her for the first time. She laughed out loud at the beauty before her. Gone was the confusion and weakness. Somehow, the light strengthened her. She could see the way forward better and things as they should be. She understood she could walk in wisdom now, in diverse situations, paths, and regardless of the problems. She could suddenly discern the use of things and how to thrive.

Life no longer appeared as daunting as before. Now, she believed she had a winning chance over it.

“Thank you.” She said, to the light, as she humbled herself before Him.

Carry my light, and the darkness will recede. Your steps will be sure, and the purpose of your existence evident to one and all. I, alone, am your glory, and in my light is life. Stand, and see my salvation. There is no need to cower in fear of the darkness. The light shines into everything, even the hidden corners. It exposes lies and enables truth to prevail. I made you, the branch of my planting, my work of art, to glorify me.

Till next time, be transformed!!

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Enduring to the End

Photo by Clem Onojeghuo on Unsplash

The church was quiet that afternoon. A slight breeze blew past the two occupants in the building. They were seated next to each other, one contemplating what to say, the other handing her over to God.

“Pastor, things are getting worse. I hear the word, which strengthens me, but once I leave this place, it seems as if all hell breaks loose.” Nkechi said, bending her head with a sigh.

In her heart, she knew the word she received each time in church was undergoing testing, but the tests’ intensity seemed to rise higher and higher as if they raced towards a crescendo.

“Everywhere one turns, there is one bad news or the other. I have come to find out, how do you get through?” She asked, turning to him.

Pastor Debo smiled to himself and shook his head before he looked at her.

“I stand before the Lord at all times, Nkechi, looking up to Jesus, the author, and finisher of my faith.”

“Yes, Pastor,” Nkechi said, nodding as she looked away.

The Pastor smiled again. “Tell me, what does that mean to you?”

“It means we should keep praying at all times and not give up.”

“Yes, in a sense, but not exactly. You see, I’m not standing and praying to God for help at all times, No. I’m standing before my Father, your Father, awaiting His will. If I believe the scriptures I have read and preached, then I should stand confident in who my Father is, shouldn’t I?”

She nodded.

“If God is my refuge, stronghold, and tower, then I shouldn’t be afraid. If I have been chosen and called for His purpose, then all the things I face are working for my good, and I should be thankful in every situation. If His grace is sufficient for me because, in my weakness, His strength is made manifest, shouldn’t I be rejoicing when I’m weak, so God’s strength can show up? In fact, shouldn’t I always stay weak before Him, to ensure my life glorifies Him?”

This time, when she nodded, it was a slow dip in her head as she meditated on what he said.

“Nkechi, you are God’s own and greater is He that is in you; however, except, you start to live out the truth God speaks into your heart, and you stand in your position in Christ, the enemy will use you as mincemeat. Let me borrow from my father, who told me that Christians hear the roar of a lion and quake in fear, but it’s just a roar. He knows the one with you, but do you? Are you aware of who you are in Christ? Our greatest problems are not external but internal. The strongholds, imaginations, and thoughts built and planted in us have to come down, and it’s our task to execute.”

“I understand, Pastor, but a lot is happening all over the world. There are rumors of shakings, and terrible things are happening in and outside the church.”

“Where did scripture ask that we focus our eyes?”

“On God.”

“True. Focus, not on what has happened, is happening or will happen, but on Jesus. Wear the armor of God at all times. Work on bringing down everything that exalts itself over the knowledge of the Lord in your mind, and stay alert.” The Pastor said, patting her on the back. “Nkechi, it is well. The time has come for us to do the battle and possess our possessions by the grace of God. You can no longer rely on others to get you there. The giants were in the land, but Caleb and Joshua alone reported the truth – they knew they could fight them because Israel had God’s backing. You need to choose every second of every minute of every hour, whose report you will believe, and keep at it until the end.”

Nkechi smiled at the Pastor, knowing she had work to do. She turned to leave, and he called her back till she stood before him.

“Father, I pray for the Spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of you. Enlighten the eyes of our understanding, so we may know the hope of your calling, the riches of your glorious inheritance, and the exceeding greatness of your power to us who believe. I pray you will strengthen the inner man with might through your Spirit, that Christ may dwell in our hearts through faith, that having grasped the entirety of the love of Christ, which passes all knowledge, you will fill us with your fullness. Thank you, Father, for this time of pressure. You are taking us into the fullness of your will in Jesus’ name. (Eph 1:17-19, Eph 3:16-19)

“God bless you, Pastor,” Nkechi said, as she left to do battle.

Till next time, be transformed!!!

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The Son

Photo by Ben White on Unsplash

“This lesson is too difficult,” Ugo said, looking up at his teacher with a scrunched up face.
The man didn’t look at him, nor did he pay the young man any attention.
“Sir, I am the son of the house. Why do I have to go through this rigorous training for what is mine?”
“You are a child, a headstrong one.” The teacher said, looking up at the apple tree under which they trained.
“I can climb that tree by myself and pluck apples. Why do I need to do things your way?”
“My way, or the only way? Listen, if you don’t understand the principles I’m teaching, you remain a child. A son is one who can discern truth in situations beyond what the eyes can see. Without the help of God’s Spirit, you will never grow into your full potential. You may climb the tree without help, but it doesn’t mean that better options don’t exist to pluck the apples. Now sit, and ask the Holy Spirit for wisdom.”
Ugo sat on the soft grass cross-legged, fuming. He had no control over the situation. His father had warned that if the teacher didn’t give him a passing grade in living truth, there would be no inheritance. He closed his eyes, puffed out air with anger, and asked the Holy Spirit for help.
Some seconds later, he opened his eyes and looked at the tree, from left to right. He noticed a dangling branch at the side by the back, with red apples leaning down from it. He stood and walked to the spot and shook the parts within his reach. Apples fell to the ground. Ugo looked at his teacher with bright eyes and a big smile, but the man’s eyes were closed as if in prayer. Ugo rushed to the basket by the side, kept there to pick fruit, and took it to the spot. He shook the branch again with more force, and more apples fell, some away from the basket’s position.
Ugo bent to pick the apples which had fallen to the side when he noticed his teacher’s shoes before him. He stood up and looked at the man.
“You have been blessed with every spiritual blessing, Ugo. Your inheritance is waiting, but you need to access it. You can’t live like others trusting in horses and chariots. Your peace cannot depend on the size of your bank account or the amount of material wealth you own. Yours is spiritual, and therefore must be spiritually discerned. Do not be fooled. No matter what you achieve on your own, there will always be a more excellent way of getting things done, regardless of your results. If you want to become a son, learn to stop depending on yourself, and practice relying entirely on God.”
“Yes, Sir. Did the Holy Spirit show me the branch?”
“If I’d left you to do it yourself, wouldn’t you have tried climbing the tree?”
“Everything that comes our way in Christ is by grace. Keep asking, seeking, and knocking, never stop. He will make a way where there is no way and rivers in the desert. He will rain manna for you in the Wilderness seasons, and water will gush from the rock. Do you understand?”
“Yes, sir.”
“Pick your basket; let’s go.”

Till next time, be transformed!!!

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The Taxi Drivers

“Use your god-given sense, my friend, and stop being a fool,” Ola said, swatting off the fly perched on his leg.

Femi laughed and shook his head. Ola might sound harsh, but he spoke from a place of worry and care. They sat on wooden benches under the shade of the Taxi Park where they worked. They were done with lunch after a work-filled morning and were awaiting their turn. Customers seemed to avoid the heat of the sun as they appeared to be trickling in.

“What did I say that sounds like foolishness, Ola?”

“You know yourself,” Ola said, gesturing with his hand. “One day, that church mind of yours will cause you trouble. Are you the only one going to Church? We are all Christians here, even our Chairman. Don’t you see him sort himself out from the Association’s funds? Do you know how they laugh behind your back when you come up with your religious schemes? Grow up.”

Nothing Ola said was new. Femi knew how the park management regarded him, his Christian beliefs, and recommendations. They couldn’t stop him, though; he would continue as the Spirit-led.

“All I said was that instead of getting political and sharing in the loot, we should start to seek God for direction. What’s wrong with that?”

Ola snorted. “Seek God ourselves? What will the Pastors and men of God be doing? Don’t you know that God divided the work? He gave everybody different abilities. Some have to work in the Church, some, like us, will work outside the Church, but for God. We are working hard and paying tithe, and that’s enough. Don’t go and carry the burden God didn’t give you.”

Femi laughed. “Is that how the Bible records that verse you misquoted?”

“Well, you know better. I’m saying God gave us brains to sort ourselves out. Use yours.”

“So why does Habakkuk 2:4, say the soul of the proud is not upright, but the just shall live by faith?”

Ola bent his head for a while, and Femi waited, thinking his friend was meditating on the scripture verse.

“Femi, so you are still sputtering this nonsense. Which one is Habakkuk? Does he feed me? I am telling you the Local Government Chairman wants to change the Park’s management, which is our chance to make it big. If you don’t understand, let me spell it out for you. I want to run for Chairman of this Taxi Park, and I want you by my side, are you in or out?”

Femi understood from the start where Ola was going and had hoped to impress on him the need to let God go first in everything.

“Thank you for thinking about me. I believe one day, God will bring down the proud and raise the humble, people who seek His face first in all things. I ask for grace daily to live by this principle and not to go faster than God. I wish you the best, but I don’t think I will be of any use to you when you become Chairman. We will not agree on issues because my advice would always be to seek God first.”

“How do you know God is not opening doors for us with this change? Do you believe God does not want better for His children?” Femi asked, sitting up. His stare was intense.

An imaginary line cut through the heart of their friendship, as each man hoped the other would cross over to their way of thinking.

“God’s gifts are not underhanded or made to be used for selfish purposes. He says he will instruct and teach us how to go; he will guide us Himself. Answer this question, what will you do differently from our present Chairman?”

“Since you don’t believe my upcoming promotion is of God, there is no need to answer your question. I want you to remember today and how I groveled to make you a high standing member of my team. I hope you don’t regret your decision later.” Ola said as he stood up and walked away.

A month later, the Taxi Park’s management changed, and Ola became the new park Chairman. He created his inner circle, excluding Femi, and adjusted to money makers and spenders’ high life. Ola and his team did not execute any new project for the park’s benefit or the drivers throughout his tenure.

Till next time, be transformed!!!

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The Follower

Photo by Rafael Barquero on Unsplash

Ako couldn’t see anything. His eyes didn’t adjust to the darkness. Fear, thick and black, gripped his heart. He didn’t know where he was and how he would move forward from there. He tried to use his other senses and closed his eyes. He had read that closing one’s eyes helped elevate different sensual abilities.
He tried to smell the area and couldn’t perceive any odor. He listened for sounds, trying not to breathe, nothing. He focused on his skin, and nothing out of the ordinary touched him or gave him the goosebumps he craved.
“Jesus, I need your help, please.” He said, hoping against hope.
“I’m here.” A voice said, sounding near and in his ear, but far, and from a distance at the same time.
“Who are you?” Ako said
“The one you seek.”
“Lord?” He asked, surprised. He sought the Lord but had a hard time believing he found Him.
“I will instruct and teach you in the way you should go; I will guide you with my eye.” The Lord said
“Yes, Sir.”
“Walk straight ahead, until I tell you otherwise.”
“Do I get any light?”
“My word is a lamp for your feet and a light for your path.”
Yes, Sir.”
Ako walked as instructed, making sure to be quiet so that he could hear. He continued for a while on the route, before the challenges came. Was he sure he had heard right or did his mind speak to him? How could he tell the voice was the Lord’s? How did he know if the Lord would talk to him again?
“Do not be afraid; I am with you.” The Lord said.
Ako breathed out a sigh and walked on, confident.
He kept walking for days. The Lord would speak his word into his heart, encouraging him to stay the course. Ako came to depend on God’s words, not the challenging taunts of the enemy, he did not want to miss God’s direction. God’s words also brought encouragement and peace, and after a while, Ako learned grace.
“Take a left, and walk straight until I give you more instructions.”
Ako knew God’s voice, and though he hesitated because he could feel the heat coming from the direction the Lord instructed, he followed God’s leading. He came to understand by experience, that when God said walk straight, he would benefit from obeying because of the things he suffered. Any time his feet slipped to the left or right, he would feel a harsh burning sensation. He walked a straight line, keeping one foot in front of the other, hoping he neared the end of the path.
“Lord, when will this road end?” Ako asked, after enduring for a while.
“When you’ve perfected your walk.”
Ako continued in understanding, but wondering how much farther.
“My grace is sufficient for you.” The Lord said.
He meditated on God’s grace for the remainder of the journey, not realizing he had forgotten the hardship along the way. He moved forward by faith in the word of God, not thinking of the difficulties presented. He learned that though the roads God took him through seemed hard, he walked through them with ease when he obeyed God’s word.
“You need to put on my armor. The enemy will not come as you think, and may not be who you assume.” The Lord said.
Ako wore the armor God had given him and got ready as taught.
“Watch your mind and your heart. Protect your body, understand what holds you together, and never forget the words I have spoken. Move forward with purpose.”
“Yes, Father,” Ako said.
“Turn right.”
Once he took the turn, an arrow flew past his right ear. He ducked and bent down.
“I am your Salvation. Draw all you need to triumph from my wells.”
Ako stood up, closed his eyes, and drew wisdom and knowledge. He opened his eyes and moved forward, drawing all he needed to fight from his Father’s wells. He withstood the fiery darts the enemy shot at him. He parried the enemy’s attacks with his sword, and though he did get wounded, he walked through that path victorious in the Lord.
“Take another right turn, son.”
Ako did and felt the difference at once. The air he breathed in seemed to be doing repair work inside him.
“Lie down here and rest for a while. A river flows beside you, drink, let the waters replenish you for your journey.”
Ako lay down on soft grass and slept, grateful for rest. Once he drank from the sweet waters, he felt his soul restored, and his strength returned. He stood knowing he was ready to continue.
“I have brought you a helper for the journey. You will go together and walk the path according to the abilities I have bestowed on you. Remember, by my word.”
Ako felt a hand take his hand, soft and warm. Female, he knew. She grasped his hand tight, offering comfort and encouragement. He smiled and held on, knowing that every gift God bestowed was a requirement for the journey.
“Move forward, yield to me at every turn, and do not be afraid.” The Father said.

Till next time, be transformed.

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Fall in Line or Die

Photo by Anne Nygård on Unsplash

I watched the 2016 Korean movie series, The Royal Gambler, and decided to write this post based on insights drawn from it.

The villain:

Photo by Brian McGowan on Unsplash

He is a master strategist who plots to dethrone the king and enthrone himself. A man without a name, position, or fame, driven by revenge for losses, suffered at the king’s hand. He takes his time, a long one, and builds on his plan. He goes from arranging a new concubine for the king to choosing the son born from the union as the king’s heir, though the ruler has other sons born to him.

Always one step ahead, he amasses extreme wealth to bribe corrupt politicians, law enforcement officers, and people in every level of government. All of a sudden, this nameless man is a force to reckon with among the country’s stakeholders. Everything is working in his favor, or so it seems.

Christians face a master villain who has taken the time to build systems and set up the world against us. Faceless, he prowls around like a roaring lion and people bow. He knows he is going down and has planned to make sure he doesn’t go alone. He has people, governments, corporations, and laws set up for his purposes. He appears to be a force to reckon with, and all the cards seem stacked in his favor.

The Protagonist:

Photo by Umberto on Unsplash

The son of the new concubine is the villain’s play card to the throne. However, the boy comes to know the villain’s heart of evil and fights, but how can a boy fight a system on his own? He loses. Left for dead after being shot, he rises again and realizes he needs help. Tutored by his mentor, he secures the people’s support, and in wisdom, takes time to understand how the villain’s mind works. He becomes the only person who can anticipate the moves of the villain and can thwart them.

God expects us to grow from children who feed on milk to sons who eat meat. He did not leave us alone to face the wiles of the enemy. He left us a helper. No one can fight the system the enemy set up on earth without God, because the battle is not carnal, but mighty through God.

  • To stop us from facing situations by ourselves.
  • To ensure we don’t go through life on our own.
  • To lift burdens that God did not create us to bear.
  • To stand in our positions in Christ.

Our enemy expects us to fall in line or die, and out of fear, we race to the queues. However, Daniel and his kinsman may know a thing or two about ‘death.’ Jesus wrote the playbook; we can ask Him for guidance. It takes faith to strip off the flesh and live for God, be tutored and led by the Spirit of God, and live by godly wisdom and knowledge, not common sense. We need one another, powered by our gifts and abilities, as we come together as one unit in Christ, to face our common enemy. When we get there, the lion’s roar becomes just that, hot air.

The End:

Photo by Alex on Unsplash

In such stories, anyone can predict the end, but these Koreans have shown me they can turn a story upside down and present something else.

How will our stories end? Not the end men see, where one dies and is celebrated or criticized by others regardless of his/her life before God. God has given us all things that pertain to life and godliness. He has guaranteed us grace, mercy, and His presence. What else do we need to turn over our entire lives to Him and stay ahead of our stories’ real villain?

Don’t fall in line or fall behind due to strategic pot-holes placed in the way, but rise and move forward, by God’s grace, mercy and might. Jesus said to Martha, “Did I not say to you that if you would believe you would see the glory of God?” John 11:40

Till next time, be transformed!!!

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The Stand

Photo by Gift Habeshaw on Unsplash

“Living costs are increasing daily. I wonder if they intend to hit the sky and blow up like an atomic bomb, killing all humanity.” Christina said and smiled at her husband as she dropped her grocery bags on the dining table. He was relaxing in his beloved armchair, watching a documentary in the living room.
Ray looked at her, smiling. “Welcome home. How was it at the market?”
She took the seat next to him. “Ray, we need to talk. The cost of living has doubled, and we have to do something about our expenses. I’ve kept a lot from you because I didn’t want to worry you, and I’ve managed for a while, but things are getting worse daily. From the Water rates to Electricity, everything is double the amount we used to spend for the same quantity. We have our rent and the children’s school fees to cater for on our meager salaries. We cannot continue like this.”
When she started listing off the problems he was aware of, he entered into the place of worry. It was his private office, which had a chair and a table. On the table was a long list of issues he needed to sort out as usual. He shook his head at the enormity of the burden.
“My grace is sufficient for you.” The visitor he called Hope said, entering the office. Ray looked up at him.
“How is that possible? We are looking for fast solutions, or soon the burden this man is carrying may kill him. Instead of telling him how to get money, you are talking grace? Who has grace ever helped?” The one called Sense asked, entering and stealing the show.
“Do not be afraid, for I am with you. Do not be alarmed, for I am your God. I will strengthen and help you. I will hold you up with my righteous right hand.” Hope said, calm and in position as if Sense had not spoken.
“How can you hold him up when he cannot see your hand, strength, or might? Please, leave the man to find a way out of the predicament that is his present life.” Sense said, his voice growing louder with each word. His face, a mask of rage.
“For as many are led by the Spirit of God, these are sons of God,” Hope said, still looking at Ray. He stood poised against the onslaught from Sense, who had once again gone off on him for not making any.
Ray noted everything. The agitation with which Sense delivered his arguments and the calmness of Hope. He wondered at Hope, and His power amidst the storms of life that plagued. He realized that Sense epitomized the flesh, fearful, uncertain, and willing to find solutions on his own, but they never lasted. They were short-lived and came with more worries.
Hope stood like a mountain, God’s mountain. The place of Salvation and, like his name, the home of Hope. All Ray needed to do was look to God for help and to drop all his worries. He decided to trust the God he could not see, who always left him triumphant than depend on himself or others for physical solutions that didn’t last. Therefore, Ray surrendered the list.
“Ray, wake up!” Christina said, her voice loud and in his face.
Ray blinked. “Sorry, I was thinking about something.”
“Are you okay, honey? If it’s about the hike in costs, don’t worry, God is in control.” Christina said, looking at him with a frown.
Ray smiled at her. “We will take each day as it comes and be grateful. God knows how to care for His own. Don’t worry about how tomorrow will be or what it will bring. We have today, thank God.”
“I wanted to talk about cutting costs. Don’t you think we should start?” Christina asked, shaking her head.
Ray held her hand. “The cost of things has increased, yes, but don’t take matters into your own hands. We will leave this matter in God’s laps, and His divine wisdom will guide us on what next to do. Don’t be afraid, trust God.”
He spoke, looking into her eyes, and she saw his stand. He moved her into believing that with God, things would work out for good.

Till next time, be transformed!!