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The Follower

Photo by Rafael Barquero on Unsplash

Ako couldn’t see anything. His eyes didn’t adjust to the darkness. Fear, thick and black, gripped his heart. He didn’t know where he was and how he would move forward from there. He tried to use his other senses and closed his eyes. He had read that closing one’s eyes helped elevate different sensual abilities.
He tried to smell the area and couldn’t perceive any odor. He listened for sounds, trying not to breathe, nothing. He focused on his skin, and nothing out of the ordinary touched him or gave him the goosebumps he craved.
“Jesus, I need your help, please.” He said, hoping against hope.
“I’m here.” A voice said, sounding near and in his ear, but far, and from a distance at the same time.
“Who are you?” Ako said
“The one you seek.”
“Lord?” He asked, surprised. He sought the Lord but had a hard time believing he found Him.
“I will instruct and teach you in the way you should go; I will guide you with my eye.” The Lord said
“Yes, Sir.”
“Walk straight ahead, until I tell you otherwise.”
“Do I get any light?”
“My word is a lamp for your feet and a light for your path.”
Yes, Sir.”
Ako walked as instructed, making sure to be quiet so that he could hear. He continued for a while on the route, before the challenges came. Was he sure he had heard right or did his mind speak to him? How could he tell the voice was the Lord’s? How did he know if the Lord would talk to him again?
“Do not be afraid; I am with you.” The Lord said.
Ako breathed out a sigh and walked on, confident.
He kept walking for days. The Lord would speak his word into his heart, encouraging him to stay the course. Ako came to depend on God’s words, not the challenging taunts of the enemy, he did not want to miss God’s direction. God’s words also brought encouragement and peace, and after a while, Ako learned grace.
“Take a left, and walk straight until I give you more instructions.”
Ako knew God’s voice, and though he hesitated because he could feel the heat coming from the direction the Lord instructed, he followed God’s leading. He came to understand by experience, that when God said walk straight, he would benefit from obeying because of the things he suffered. Any time his feet slipped to the left or right, he would feel a harsh burning sensation. He walked a straight line, keeping one foot in front of the other, hoping he neared the end of the path.
“Lord, when will this road end?” Ako asked, after enduring for a while.
“When you’ve perfected your walk.”
Ako continued in understanding, but wondering how much farther.
“My grace is sufficient for you.” The Lord said.
He meditated on God’s grace for the remainder of the journey, not realizing he had forgotten the hardship along the way. He moved forward by faith in the word of God, not thinking of the difficulties presented. He learned that though the roads God took him through seemed hard, he walked through them with ease when he obeyed God’s word.
“You need to put on my armor. The enemy will not come as you think, and may not be who you assume.” The Lord said.
Ako wore the armor God had given him and got ready as taught.
“Watch your mind and your heart. Protect your body, understand what holds you together, and never forget the words I have spoken. Move forward with purpose.”
“Yes, Father,” Ako said.
“Turn right.”
Once he took the turn, an arrow flew past his right ear. He ducked and bent down.
“I am your Salvation. Draw all you need to triumph from my wells.”
Ako stood up, closed his eyes, and drew wisdom and knowledge. He opened his eyes and moved forward, drawing all he needed to fight from his Father’s wells. He withstood the fiery darts the enemy shot at him. He parried the enemy’s attacks with his sword, and though he did get wounded, he walked through that path victorious in the Lord.
“Take another right turn, son.”
Ako did and felt the difference at once. The air he breathed in seemed to be doing repair work inside him.
“Lie down here and rest for a while. A river flows beside you, drink, let the waters replenish you for your journey.”
Ako lay down on soft grass and slept, grateful for rest. Once he drank from the sweet waters, he felt his soul restored, and his strength returned. He stood knowing he was ready to continue.
“I have brought you a helper for the journey. You will go together and walk the path according to the abilities I have bestowed on you. Remember, by my word.”
Ako felt a hand take his hand, soft and warm. Female, he knew. She grasped his hand tight, offering comfort and encouragement. He smiled and held on, knowing that every gift God bestowed was a requirement for the journey.
“Move forward, yield to me at every turn, and do not be afraid.” The Father said.

Till next time, be transformed.