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The Taxi Drivers

“Use your god-given sense, my friend, and stop being a fool,” Ola said, swatting off the fly perched on his leg.

Femi laughed and shook his head. Ola might sound harsh, but he spoke from a place of worry and care. They sat on wooden benches under the shade of the Taxi Park where they worked. They were done with lunch after a work-filled morning and were awaiting their turn. Customers seemed to avoid the heat of the sun as they appeared to be trickling in.

“What did I say that sounds like foolishness, Ola?”

“You know yourself,” Ola said, gesturing with his hand. “One day, that church mind of yours will cause you trouble. Are you the only one going to Church? We are all Christians here, even our Chairman. Don’t you see him sort himself out from the Association’s funds? Do you know how they laugh behind your back when you come up with your religious schemes? Grow up.”

Nothing Ola said was new. Femi knew how the park management regarded him, his Christian beliefs, and recommendations. They couldn’t stop him, though; he would continue as the Spirit-led.

“All I said was that instead of getting political and sharing in the loot, we should start to seek God for direction. What’s wrong with that?”

Ola snorted. “Seek God ourselves? What will the Pastors and men of God be doing? Don’t you know that God divided the work? He gave everybody different abilities. Some have to work in the Church, some, like us, will work outside the Church, but for God. We are working hard and paying tithe, and that’s enough. Don’t go and carry the burden God didn’t give you.”

Femi laughed. “Is that how the Bible records that verse you misquoted?”

“Well, you know better. I’m saying God gave us brains to sort ourselves out. Use yours.”

“So why does Habakkuk 2:4, say the soul of the proud is not upright, but the just shall live by faith?”

Ola bent his head for a while, and Femi waited, thinking his friend was meditating on the scripture verse.

“Femi, so you are still sputtering this nonsense. Which one is Habakkuk? Does he feed me? I am telling you the Local Government Chairman wants to change the Park’s management, which is our chance to make it big. If you don’t understand, let me spell it out for you. I want to run for Chairman of this Taxi Park, and I want you by my side, are you in or out?”

Femi understood from the start where Ola was going and had hoped to impress on him the need to let God go first in everything.

“Thank you for thinking about me. I believe one day, God will bring down the proud and raise the humble, people who seek His face first in all things. I ask for grace daily to live by this principle and not to go faster than God. I wish you the best, but I don’t think I will be of any use to you when you become Chairman. We will not agree on issues because my advice would always be to seek God first.”

“How do you know God is not opening doors for us with this change? Do you believe God does not want better for His children?” Femi asked, sitting up. His stare was intense.

An imaginary line cut through the heart of their friendship, as each man hoped the other would cross over to their way of thinking.

“God’s gifts are not underhanded or made to be used for selfish purposes. He says he will instruct and teach us how to go; he will guide us Himself. Answer this question, what will you do differently from our present Chairman?”

“Since you don’t believe my upcoming promotion is of God, there is no need to answer your question. I want you to remember today and how I groveled to make you a high standing member of my team. I hope you don’t regret your decision later.” Ola said as he stood up and walked away.

A month later, the Taxi Park’s management changed, and Ola became the new park Chairman. He created his inner circle, excluding Femi, and adjusted to money makers and spenders’ high life. Ola and his team did not execute any new project for the park’s benefit or the drivers throughout his tenure.

Till next time, be transformed!!!


All spirit; no flesh.

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