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The Awakening

Photo by Hatham on Unsplash

Uzo slept on in the darkened cold space, wrapped up like a blanket. She preferred to remain asleep, it was easier. One didn’t have to stress in sleep or work. Fear was a constant companion, but like every friend, they would learn to co-exist.

“Wake up, Uzo. It is time.”

She didn’t budge. She heard the voice but didn’t know if she wanted to continue living a life she didn’t understand. Sometimes, it felt like trial and error, and at other times, she heard the words which encouraged her to go on, but not today.

What was she waking up to do? The darkness looked safe. She would become used to it and understand how to work it. Over time, she knew what to expect and readied herself for it. However, the other place required her all, a commodity she didn’t feel up to at the moment. She was tired.

“Your light has come.”

Those words, soft, but mighty on impact, jarred her awake. Uzo opened her eyes, hesitant at first, until she realized what the light meant, and opened her eyes wide. She sat up as she glanced around her in awe. The light was brilliant, illuminating everything in sight. She could see objects she hadn’t see before but knew they were there. The coldness receded, and warmth took its place, covering her entire body.

Uzo rose and looked around, noticing the true forms of everything around her for the first time. She laughed out loud at the beauty before her. Gone was the confusion and weakness. Somehow, the light strengthened her. She could see the way forward better and things as they should be. She understood she could walk in wisdom now, in diverse situations, paths, and regardless of the problems. She could suddenly discern the use of things and how to thrive.

Life no longer appeared as daunting as before. Now, she believed she had a winning chance over it.

“Thank you.” She said, to the light, as she humbled herself before Him.

Carry my light, and the darkness will recede. Your steps will be sure, and the purpose of your existence evident to one and all. I, alone, am your glory, and in my light is life. Stand, and see my salvation. There is no need to cower in fear of the darkness. The light shines into everything, even the hidden corners. It exposes lies and enables truth to prevail. I made you, the branch of my planting, my work of art, to glorify me.

Till next time, be transformed!!