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Mighty in God.

Photo by Ben White on Unsplash

Mr. Chukwuka was driving the boys home after school, and they were all quiet. Ugonna fought again, and the Principal invited their father for a chat, fifteen minutes before the end of the school day.
After school, the twins walked to the car, where their father and Ugonna sat waiting. Nobody made a sound from the school to the house, but the twins knew Ugonna was dead meat.
The wrongdoer bit his lips in worry as he starred out of the car window. Once again, his temper got the best of him, and his father would educate him on the painful uses of pepper.
Their father dropped them off in front of the house and went to park his car in the nearby shade. The boys hurried in, and ran straight to their rooms, hoping not to be confronted by their father until dinner time. By then, he must have cooled off.
“Boys, down here now.” Their father said, his voice raised for them to hear.
Twenty seconds later, they were all gathered in the living room before him.
Their father watched them, looking at their faces before taking his seat and folding his arms.
“What did we talk about this morning?” He asked
Uzondu, one of the twins, raised his hand first. “Our weapons of war.”
Their father nodded. “Who are we supposed to be fighting?”
Uzondu’s hand went up again. Their father looked at the others.
“Ugonna, Onyeka, nothing to say?”
“We are supposed to fight the devil and his minions,” Ugonna said, looking away.
“Now who can mention Ugonna’s mistakes in fighting another person, from the verses we read?”
“He shouldn’t have fought another human being, Daddy,” Onyeka said, his voice quiet.
“Very good, Onyeka. That’s the truth, the belt that should have held his spiritual armor together. What else?”
“He didn’t wait for God to save him,” Uzondu said.
“Brilliant. We should always wear the helmet of Salvation, bearing in mind that God is the one who saves us in all situations. What else?”
The twins continued thinking about how to apply the scripture verses, while Ugonna’s head stayed down. Their father noticed.
“Ugonna, I expect answers from you.”
“I should have worn the breastplate of righteousness, instead of fighting to be right.”
“You should guard your heart at all times. That’s where Christ is seated. Give all your problems to him to sort out in his righteousness and stop taking matters into your own hands. Anyone else?”
“He didn’t remember to use the sword,” Onyeka said.
“Yes, Onyeka. The word of God is the sword, and he forgot the word we shared this morning. Any more?”
“I didn’t shield myself from the words I heard. I reacted out of anger.” Ugonna said.
“True. Listen, children, the enemy is out to destroy your destinies, and he will come at you with everything in his arsenal. Like the video games you play, he will keep trying to shoot you down. Always remember that no matter how weak you seem, trust God’s strength, and you will overcome. In every situation, ask Him for help first. You must never use any other power or might, but rely on God by faith. Next.”
“How would the shoes have helped, daddy?” Onyeka asked.
Their father nodded and turned to the others. “Can anyone help Onyeka with this?”
Nobody responded.
“The shoes show our eagerness to spread the gospel of peace. By fighting today, did Ugonna show he was eager to tell others about our gospel? No, instead, he spread war and hate.”
The twins nodded, while Ugonna’s eyes turned to the floor.
“Ugonna, I will punish you because you forgot who you are and accepted the lies the enemy fed you. You should have stepped back and reported the matter to your teacher, no matter how chicken it made you look or how much you wanted to correct the wrong done to you. This warning goes for all of you. You must take the word of God to heart and understand that the devil is out not just to steal the truth from you, but to kill and destroy you. You are strong in God alone, and the battle is His.”
The twins nodded again, while they watched their father escort Ugonna to the office for his punishment.

Till next time, be transformed!!!