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Work in Progress

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Nneoma loved God and lived to do His bidding. She understood the flesh stood in the way of walking with God and lived relying on the Holy Spirit for life. She had a relationship with God, not based on anything physical, and God confirmed his word to her in various ways.

Nneoma woke up one morning with a migraine. It started the night before and didn’t allow her continue her night-owl business, not of being a witch, but of doing God’s work. She worked hard on her daily schedule, which boosted her weekly performances, and formed the monthly work she analyzed and checked off for monthly productivity. Not doing tasks was a problem for her.

With the pain playing subtle drums in her head, she prayed for healing and strength for her day. The migraine was still a dull ache behind her left eye, and she had exhausted her last pack of pain relievers and didn’t have time to get a new one. She had meetings from that morning until noon. With a history of such pain, she wasn’t ready for the effects it blossomed to if left unchecked. Not today, she prayed.

At 7 am, Nneoma was out of bed, checked the kids, and made sure they were all ready for online classes. Covid didn’t help with the stress. The nannies, two of them, for her two children, were efficient and on top of their tasks. Nneoma nodded to herself and left to get ready for the day.

At 9 am, she set the kids up with their computers, and went to check on the rest of the house. She spoke to the house-help about cleaning the dirt on her office floor and met with the woman’s sudden attitude. Nneoma rolled her inner eyes, unable to understand how she could deal with a migraine, getting stronger by the hour, and hiked up female emotions at the same time. She got upset.

“Listen, I don’t have time for this. Just get it cleaned now.” She said to the woman with whom she enjoyed an amicable relationship.

“Yes, ma.” The house-help said and went on with her task.

At 10:30 am, Nneoma couldn’t continue working and asked her nanny to run to the pharmacy for the medicine. She got the treatment in twenty minutes, took two tablets, and asked for food. She broke her fast and slept for an hour exhausted, something that never happened to her on weekdays.

At 1 pm, Nneoma felt better, weak, but ready to continue her day. A thought nagged her at the back of her mind. It called to her, seeking an audience, hoping she could hear it above her busy schedule. When she did listen, it asked her if she had done God’s will?

She discarded the thought at first, taking it as the enemy’s ploy to judge her and steal her joy. However, it got her thinking, and as she thought through the events of the day, cracks appeared in her armor. Unable to understand the cause of her mistakes, she called her friend, Funmi, for advice, and a second eye.

“Nne,” Funmi said, after listening to Nneoma’s detailed account. “We are all too busy for our good and led away from our source of help and strength. I see three things I believe I should point out from your story.”

Funmi was the sort of woman who didn’t mince words. She advised in love and moved on, which Nneoma loved about her.

“You are hustling, darling. I know you hate the word, but it’s what you are doing. You need to wait on God for renewal. The work is His, so let His strength take over and perform. You are also walking alone, and you know it never pays for us to do that. Walk in the Spirit, honey. Let the Holy Spirit guide and lead you at all times and in all situations.

“When we walk with the Holy Spirit, we give others what we owe them as God’s children, love. You don’t know what your house-help is passing through, and a kind word may have revealed it to you, regardless of the attitude she put up. No matter what we pass through, we carry the power of God inside of us, enabling us to live above life’s challenges at all times.” Funmi sighed and continued. “I thank God the Holy Spirit drew your attention to these issues so that you can deal with them. May God continue to reveal our mistakes, readying us for His glory.”

“Amen. Thank you, Funmi, and thank God for your life.”

“No problems, love, take care.”

Nneoma hung up and bowed her head in worship.

Till next time, be transformed!!


All spirit; no flesh.

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