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Restored to Life

Photo by Tim Marshall on Unsplash

“All of a sudden, the car turned 180 degrees and kept going.”

“Wow!” The boy in the audience said, lifting his legs off the bed and turning to the storyteller. An aged woman called out the name of Jesus, but the doctor who was checking his patient smiled.

“How did it happen?” The doctor asked, still checking the patient’s IV.

“I don’t know. One minute I was hurtling off a cliff, and the next, it appeared the car had taken control. My eyes were closed the whole time. I opened it expecting to be in the air, falling, but I saw myself back on the road and the cliff behind me.” The man said, with his palms turned up in confusion.

“Hmmm…” The doctor said, still smiling.”Were you drinking before the incident?” He asked, checking things off on the patient’s card.

“No, I was as clear-minded as I am now. I am new to the area and didn’t know there was a cliff there. I was trying to get away.”

“From what? Was someone chasing you?” The boy asked.

“I was getting away from something I’d done.” The man said, looking down.

“What happened next?” The boy asked again. Although he had bandages all over his face muffling his words, it didn’t stop him from sitting on the edge of his bed and giving the man the third-degree.

“I think I passed out from the shock. Next thing I know, I woke up here.” The man said still dazed.

“A couple saw you unconscious in your car at the corner of the mountain road and brought you here. They couldn’t resuscitate you and were worried.”

“May I see them if they return, Doctor?” The patient asked.

“Sure. I’ll advise you to spend the night, and I’ll check on you again tomorrow, but everything seems okay.”

“Thank you.” The patient said to the smiling doctor as he left the ward.

“Do you believe God saved you?” The woman asked, her eyes were wide as she waited for his response.

“I don’t know what else to say. I was racing away from an evil I’d done towards certain death and whispered a prayer for forgiveness. A whisper I cannot recall. I thought I was muttering gibberish at the time, but just before the car flew off the edge, just as I closed my eyes and left the wheel, something happened to that car.”

“Do you think Aliens took control and took you to their Spaceship? Maybe that’s why you can’t remember anything.” The boy said as he left his bed, drawing close to the man.

“Pshew, nonsense. Aliens, please. God saved your life today, sir, and don’t you forget it.” The woman said, a stern look on her face.

“Why? For what reason would God save a person like me?” The man asked, shaking his head.

The old lady smiled.”That’s who He is, the Saviour. We call Him Lord.”

With tears in his eyes. “I did nothing to deserve it, Madam, nothing at all.”

“There is nothing we do to deserve God’s grace. He gives it freely to them that are willing and believe.” She said.

“But I wasn’t willing, and I didn’t believe in Him. So, why?” The man cried.

She was quiet for a little while. “God has plans for you, son. He restored life to you for a reason. Don’t go back to your former life. Spend this new one asking Him why He saved you.”

“God wants you to be a Pastor.” The boy said, nodding his head. A eureka moment for him.

The old lady smiled. “Maybe not, child. God will show him in His time.”

“In a moment, when I thought all lost, God saved me. Now, I am sitting up in a hospital bed and speaking to people? Unbelievable.” The man said, still in shock.

“He restores us all in that way; some stories, not as dramatic as yours. The most important thing is to remember that He has restored so that He will lead. Don’t make the mistake of charting a new life until you’ve heard from Him. Let Him lead and guide you on the path He has chosen.” The aged woman said and lay down.

She did not sleep but kept smiling. It was a smile of understanding. She wasn’t driving off a cliff like him before her experience with the Father. Her life had been careening off the deep end towards destruction after her husband’s death. She had taken to drinking to avoid the endless bills and the banks knocking down her door. She lost everything, and her life, almost, until God came.

She closed her eyes, still smiling, and engaged her Father in thanksgiving for another life.


Till next time, be transformed!!


All spirit; no flesh.

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