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Darkness. Total and all-consuming.
Lanre stood still; he couldn’t move any further. The darkness seemed to cause him pain. He was horrified as it tried to engulf his very being. It was all he saw, breathed, tasted, heard, and felt. It appeared to want to extinguish him, making him a part of it.
“Father,” He said, crying out. “Are you there?”
“Yes, son. Always.” A quiet voice said. The voice spoke with a peace that seemed not to notice the darkness or its effects. It sounded calm.
“The darkness, it’s too powerful. I can’t see you.” Lanre said, looking around him.
“You know I am with you.”
“Why is there such darkness, Father. I want to walk about and see. I want to live in the light and walk in it free and unrestricted.”
“Who is your light?”
“You, but I can’t see you,” Lanre said, throwing up his hands in the air.
“I am light.”
“My word. No matter how powerful the darkness appears, it cannot stop the light.”
Lanre knew every word God spoke was true, but he had to ask.
“Why am I overwhelmed?”
“You are not connected and dependent on me.”
“Father, how do I stay connected and dependent?”
“Wait on me. Listen to my word. Trust in me, regardless of your circumstances.”
Lanre slumped to his knees. “Life is happening, Lord. How do I combat the daily issues I face by waiting?”
“Your weakness is your strength. You will find my strength when you are weak.”
Lanre bowed his head as the scriptures supporting the word God spoke in his heart, flashed in his mind. The more he thought on them, his struggle ebbed bit by bit, and he could feel relief. The darkness still lingered, but it didn’t seem to be choking him as before.
“So, I stay dependent on you?”
“What if I can’t hear you when a need arises?”
“Do nothing, and wait. You will hear me then, as you hear me now. Seek me, Lanre, not how to rule over your world. With my word, you have victory over life’s battles.”
“Yes, Father, but one more thing. How do I move in the darkness?”
“At my word.”
Lanre nodded. “Please, show me.”
He sprung to his feet, listened, and took step after step on the path chosen by His Father.
With each word he received, Lanre walked through life, depending daily on God’s Spirit and His grace.

God bless the land of Trigger!

Till next time, be transformed!!


All spirit; no flesh.

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