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Image by Melanie Wasser on Unsplash

I trudged on, bound hands and feet. The darkness that engulfed, thick and familiar, my daily experience. Yet, I walked, unbothered, overwhelmed by my existence, accepting my circumstances. After all, was it not the same for others?

I was on course, created by the one who had stolen my joy, and I allowed it; he killed my spirit, and I did not say a word; he destroyed every chance of life, the everlasting kind, and I did not care. I had too much to deal with here. This evil one remained behind the scenes, not showing himself, blowing the billows, and creating a narrative of lies for people like me. Did we know? Did we care? I took whatever life threw at me, carried the burden, wondering if this death I called life was all there was.

All I wanted was to assuage my hunger and deal with the daily challenges that walking with shackles created. I was good as long as I could endure and continue with my race. How was I to know that the endpoint was utter destruction?

Image by Mor Shani on Unsplash

But the source of light said NO!

He would not give up on me. NO! He would set me free.

“Name your price,” He asked the one working overtime in evil mastery.

“Your life,” was the reply.

“Done.” My Lord said without hesitation.

I did not know about it nor see them transact for my life, but He did what He said He would and set me free. I did not know Him, nor did I do anything for Him in return. All He did was for love. He had made so that He would carry.

I was still trudging on my way. Of course, the evil one wanted me there. He did not say a word, though he knew the truth. He remained quiet, pushing harder, keeping me entrenched in death and on the path to destruction.

Image by Ben White on Unsplash

Until the Light, who is Life spoke; of everlasting love and a deep well of grace. He spoke of an overflow of mercy and life without end. As He wove this narrative into my heart, the shackles started to break and fall off. As the truth hit, the darkness around me began to recede, as if it could not bear the light emanating from Him and in every word He uttered.

He spoke of a heavenly position in Him and my place in the Godhead. Me, a god with God? Who knew? His voice reverberated a kindness I had never felt, with a love I did not deserve, and His light and truth set me free completely. My life, He said, was a gift from Him, bought with the blood He shed on a tree, which I could never repay and never needed to.

“What do I do now? How do I live for you?” I asked, eager to serve this man, my Master, and My Lord.

“You have been re-born a light and truth bearer, full of life. Intricately woven and perfectly assembled for me. The plan is for you to do my will as you live for me alone. Walk with me every moment of your life, for it is easy to slide back into the old. I will teach you my ways and guide you on the right path. Will you do this?” He said

“What happens to the life I have here?” I asked, confused.

He smiled. “That was death. I dealt with it once and for all. Lay your life before me and make room, and you need never worry about another moment in your life. This new life I have given is too sacred and beautiful for less than glory. Are you with me?” He said, stretching His hand out to me.

I grinned as I laid my hand in His, in trust and total dependence. “Of course, my Lord.”

Till next time, be transformed in Him!


All spirit; no flesh.

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