By Bruno Martins @ Unspalsh


My name is Somtochukwu, and I am a child of God. I am also a writer and an aspiring fiction author. My daily goal is to know and walk with God so that I can live to please Him.

I believe that what everyone needs in life is wisdom, understanding, and knowledge to guide us walk our paths — the attributes in God.

I have been very reluctant to start a blog because I asked myself, who am I to write to people, what do I know? Until I realized that I have the mind of Christ, and whatever people can glean from my writing will transform them by the power of the Holy Spirit.

I will challenge mindsets and theories I grew up with as ‘truths.’ I will ask questions because I believe that together, we can all begin to see the big picture.

Be challenged, evolve, and be transformed into trees of Righteousness, the plantings of the Lord, which would glorify Him.

Till next time, be transformed!

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Let’s be transformed together.