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The Fugitive

Photo by Andrea Leopardi on Unsplash

Philip opened the door with his usual skill, and eased out from the house, looking to the left and the right. He covered his head with his hood and walked forward into the night. He was leaving the city.

Once he announced his intentions to marry Amaka, the world turned against him. First, his parents took him to their Pastor, and after all the talk, threatened to disown him. The Pastor watched them leave the room and didn’t say a word to dissuade them but turned to Philip.

“My son, how can God ask you to marry a well-known street girl? Does that sound like God to you?” He asked.

Philip wanted to ask him if they thought he was insane to cook up such a story. He didn’t but kept mute and waited for the Pastor to finish, thanked him, and left the office.

His parents kicked him out of the main house and asked him to stay in the Boy’s quarters of their three-story mansion. Philip thanked God, knowing it could have been worse. He could have endured all the disrespectful, and ridiculous behavior from his parents, and the house staff, if they hadn’t taken the problem to the office. Philip worked for his parents.

They owned a large Electronics shop, which he managed. He didn’t understand how the news reached the office, but before he could blink, people started giving him the stares and talking behind him. After a week of social distancing from his staff and some friends, Philip decided he couldn’t cope anymore. He would leave town for a while and look for a place to think.

The night he left, he felt relief. As he covered his head and strode to the gate and out the house, He smiled. He was on his way to the next town, where John, his friend, waited. They spoke at length in the afternoon, and John promised him a room in his house, and work in the factory where he worked. Philip walked faster, the promise of an escape from his life egging him on.

One thing nagged his mind, Amaka. He shook his head inside the bus. He was not leaving her or saying no to God; he just needed time out. A place to rest from people. So, he was justified.

John seemed happy to see Philip, who arrived early the next morning and welcomed him. John lived in a 2-bedroom apartment in the town. Philip was grateful for John’s kindness; anything was better than home. John asked him to rest for the day. They would be going to the factory, early the next morning. John left for work, and Philip slept, his problem was solved.

The next day, John took him to the factory and introduced Philip to his new Supervisor. Philip could not believe the conversation that followed. When the introductions were over, and John excused himself, Philip excused himself and followed his friend. Outside the Supervisor’s office, John turned to Philip, smiling.

“What’s up, Philip, any problems?”John asked.

Philip looked at him, wide-eyed for a while.

“Thank you for the job opportunity; however, is there nothing else I can do as a Master’s holder in this factory?” Philip asked.

John smiled and shook his head as he looked down. When he looked at Philip again, no trace of the smile remained.

“Philip, you are still a child. You expected that because you are a Master’s holder, we would make you the manager here like you are in your parents’ business? No, you should have asked for my job as well; after all, I don’t have a Master’s degree. Listen, not all of us were born to rich parents and had the world handed to us. I started here from the same position, on the factory floor, cleaning spare parts, and I grew from there to where I am now. The position is the only one available for now, take it or leave it.” John said, and walked away.

Philip couldn’t believe the words John hurled at him. Childish, silver-spooned, what?

He looked for the way out of the factory and walked out, not intending to go back. A few meters into his revolt, Philip asked himself how he would survive? John would be upset and not want to feed a job seeker. How long after his savings ran out, would he continue to beg his friends? Philip turned, slowly, heart-broken, and went back into the factory. He sought out the Supervisor and asked for the position.

After the first week, John stopped providing food. When the month ended, he asked Philip for half the money to pay the landlord for utilities. Philip said nothing and gave John the money. It meant he had next to nothing at the end of the day, which he was sure John knew.

Philip worked in the factory for three months and adapted to living in survival mode. He thought of God, who abandoned him, and Amaka, the cause of his problems, less and less. The more he scraped and hustled, the happier John seemed. His friend would come home, boasting about his achievements at work. John would invite his girlfriend over and rub it in Philip’s face; he couldn’t afford one as fine as she was. John bought a car, a brand used for purchases in Philip’s parent’s business, and told Philip to wait for five years to buy one.

The weirder John got, the more Philip believed John wanted him out of his house. It continued until one night after work, John accused Philip of stealing his perfume. Philip walked out of John’s house, checking his pockets for money. He was returning to his parents that night.

Filled with rage and not minding where he walked, a motorcyclist without a horn didn’t see him on time, and therefore could not apply his brakes. Philip felt a blow to his right leg, heard it snap, and went down. Pain gave way to darkness.

Philip woke up in a pile of dirt, and the odor cut off his breath. He looked around him and tried to get out of the rubbish heap, but realized it was sticky. The more he tried to extract himself, the deeper he sank.

“Where are you going?” A voice said, from the right.

Philip turned and saw an old woman, with thick white hair, seated on a kitchen stool. She leaned on her walking stick with both hands.

“What do you think you are doing?” She said.

What he was doing should have been obvious, but he explained, hoping she might help.

“I am trying to get out of this sticky refuse pile. Can you call people to help?”

“Why, I thought you liked it there? She said.

Philip’s mouth dropped open, and then he looked at her closely. Maybe the old lady had a gap in her brain. Deciding that was the case, he looked away and continued trying.

“You were given an assignment you abandoned, and preferred squalor to the abundance your father planned for you.”

Philip stopped and looked at the lady. “Madam, I am not who you think I am.” He said and dismissed her again.

“Philip, wake up!” She said and stood. “God offered you abundant life, but you chose poverty, dirt, and death instead. Why? Fear? You heard God, why didn’t you believe?”

Once again, Philip was speechless.

“Where am I?” He said, after a while.

“Does it matter? I asked you a question.” She said.

Philip remained silent; he shook with anger.

“Answer me, Philip. What happened to your faith?”

“Where was God? Where was he when everything around me went up in flames? Didn’t he see my family disown me, and the Pastor write me off? People scorned me everywhere I went, and John, the poorest kid in school, a guy I clothed and fed, treats me like his servant. All because of God.” He said and turned to her.

“All things work together for good, right. Well, it’s for bible characters like Paul and John. Nothing in God is working for me.” He said and continued trying to get out, dismissing her a third time.

“Listen, you will remain in this filth until you remember who your help is.” She said, and walked away.

Philip didn’t turn around, nor did he acknowledge her words. He kept trying, using all his might, trying different techniques, and after a while, started shouting for help. He went deeper into the mire and started losing strength. Philip continued in this till the bog swallowed his body up to his neck.

Weakness took over from a deep sadness, which filled his heart. Like a rock, it seemed to pull him deeper into the darkness.

“Father, please help me, forgive me. In my weakness, you are my strength. Have mercy.” He said and stopped struggling.

Philip woke up on a hospital bed. They wrapped his forehead with bandage and his leg in a cast. The rubbish heap had been a dream. He sighed in relief and inhaled to assure himself. He lay back to rest when a nurse walked up to his bed. Philip turned to ask for water when he saw the nurse and stopped in shock.

“It’s good to see you again, Philip.” The woman by the mire said. She walked without her stick and with agility, though the white hair remained. She stood by his side and held his hand.

“The Father asks you to trust Him, even when you don’t know what’s next or tomorrow. He will deliver you out of the mire. He will not allow it to swallow you. Trust God, trust in Jesus, and pay attention to the Holy Spirit. You are a child of God. Now get better and go home.” She said, smiling.

Tears ran down Philip’s eyes as she departed, and as another nurse came with his medicine.

Till next time, be transformed!!

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The Search (2)


Dorothy ran, unwilling to look back.
She had never seen her father’s face like that. His forehead crumpled, his eyes narrowed, and his nose blazed as he bared down on her. He was fast, too, so fast it did not look natural.
“Papa, Papa, stop! Why are you trying to kill me? What did I do wrong?” Dorothy said over her shoulder, hoping her father would hear.
If he did, he showed no sign of it. Dorothy swerved left into a street she remembered and turned to see if her father was still at her back. Mistake, he was upon her, his machete raised high to strike. 
Dorothy fell to the ground out of shock and covered her head with two crossed hands as she waited for her father to hit her. He didn’t; she woke up screaming.
Her husband, Chimezie, woke up and held her.
“What’s wrong? Did you have a nightmare?” He asked, stroking her back.
Dorothy sighed and turned to him.
“My father tried to kill me.”
“Wow. Did he say why?”
“He didn’t say a word. He just kept chasing me with this big knife; I woke up before he struck. My dad of all people?”
“Don’t think too deep; It is well. We will pray about it; God is in control.”
They prayed and went back to sleep.


Dorothy lay on a beach. The water was clear and green, and lush vegetation surrounded the land. She was lying on the sand in her bikini’s and wearing sunshades, under an umbrella.
She was the only person on the beach and loved it. It gave her pause, though. How did she get there, but she pushed the thought away. She wanted to rest after a harrowing work week. God heard her prayer, and she was where she needed to be. 
Dorothy fell asleep again, content with basking in the shadowed sunlight. A little while later, a series of events occurred that woke her up. She heard a loud hiss in her ear, then the slide of wet slippery skin on her. Her body shuddered at the contact, and she woke up.
She looked around and saw nothing for a while. Thinking she imagined all she heard and felt, she closed her eyes to sleep again when she heard the hiss from above her. She sat up and turned to check what it was, fearful thoughts filling her mind because she could already guess. 
Behind her lay a green Mamba, set to strike with its fangs open. Dorothy screamed and crossed her hands over her face again. 
This time, when she woke up, she could not stop screaming. Her husband held her down and put his palm over her mouth. After a while, she stopped crying, but the crazed look did not leave her eyes. She kept looking around the room for any signs of green, snake, or both. Her husband held her till she quietened down enough to tell her story.
“This is getting out of hand — first, your father, now a Mamba. Let me call the Pastor. I am anxious about this.” Her husband said, getting out of bed.
“Wait, it’s two in the morning. Let us wait for the day to dawn before we disturb the man of God. Don’t worry; I’ll be fine. Let us pray again.”
They prayed a second time and lay back to sleep. This time, Dorothy did not sleep at once; she hoped her husband would fall asleep, to hide the fact that she was too scared to drift off again.
She pondered over the meaning of her dreams. All she wanted to do was rest after a stressful week at work, but all she got were death dreams. Were they premonitions of her death or loss? She prayed in her heart, asking God for help and mercy. Dorothy fell asleep, still praying.


Dorothy was walking deep into a cave, or so it looked. The walls were rough and hewn out of the earth. There were stacks of firewood stuck inside the earthen walls on the left and the right to give the place light. Once again, she was the only one walking along the path. Straight ahead, she saw closed doors. 
Dorothy hurried to them, eager to see what lay behind. She stopped at the door, wary. Out of nowhere, she remembered the dreams she had earlier and shrank back. 
What if this was another horror-filled adventure?
“Come in, daughter.” A voice said from behind the door. “Do not fear.”
Dorothy hesitated a little, then pushed the knob-less wooden doors in, opening them. She stepped into a big and empty room. In it, she searched for the man, who had called to her.
“Where are you?” She asked
“Here, in front of you.” He said
Dorothy looked straight ahead and saw a figure on a chair that looked like a throne.
“Come forward, do not be afraid.”
Dorothy walked forward for a while till it dawned on her that the man on the throne still looked far away. She did not understand how that could be, the room did not seem that big.
“Am I too far from you?” He asked
“Well, it does seem to take quite a distance to get to you.” She said, laughing.
He laughed. “It’s because that’s what you believe.”
“Pardon?” She said as she stopped walking.
Dorothy stepped back in shock when the man and his throne materialized before her in an instant.
“I am near to those who seek me with all their heart.” He said, smiling.
“That sounds like what God would say,” Dorothy said.
“A pleasure to meet with you.” The man said.
Dorothy’s mouth hung open.
“Are you saying…?” She said and covered her mouth with her hand.
“Yes, and you are here for some clarification.” He said and smiled again.
Dorothy remained quiet, unable to speak.
“You are looking for rest, daughter, in all the wrong places. Sleep does not give rest. Your family will not give you rest, and the exotic locations you wish to escape to, do not also have the peace you need. I am rest; I am the peace you seek.”
“But I believe in God and the Lord Jesus Christ,” Dorothy said.
“So, you say, but do you have peace? Are you not always worried about food for the house, money for survival, and making other people accept and love you?”
“Shouldn’t I be worrying about those things? I am a responsible parent and adult, after all.” She said.
“Yes, but the unbelievers live the same way. How are you different from them? He asked.
“I…” Dorothy stopped, searching for something to say. Nothing surfaced in her mind to counter what he said.
“Seek first, the kingdom and God’s righteousness, Dorothy, and all else would be added.”
“I don’t understand.” She said
“Trust in God, and only then will you find true rest for your soul. Stop carrying your burdens and drop them at the feet of Jesus. God created you for more than just survival. He gave you life, the life of a priest and king on the earth in Christ, wake up.”
Dorothy nodded, lost in thought.
“Is that what Jesus was telling Martha about Mary’s choice?” She asked
“How do I live such a life?” She asked again, as she noticed the man, his throne, and the cave crumbling.
“Ask, seek, and knock; find rest for your soul, Dorothy, my daughter.” The man whispered as he vanished, and Dorothy woke up.
She lay still for a while as she meditated on her dreams. She understood the message and knew who the man signified. Dorothy woke her husband up and asked him to pray with her. The prayer started new things in their lives, but above all, Dorothy found rest for her soul.

The End

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The Question

Photo by Jules Bss on Unsplash

For we know in part and we prophesy in part. But when that which is perfect has come, then that which is in part will be done away.’ I Corinthians 13:9-10


The rhetorical question only God can answer most of the time. People don’t talk about the why’s of things, because we don’t know them. It is often too high for us to grasp and understand in depth.

Look at Job, a man who ‘seemed’ to have the right to a ‘why’. In Job, chapter 42:1-6, I will list Job’s response to God when he received true wisdom.

  • Job understood God as all-powerful. 
  • He realized that all he knew before encountering God and spoke about was in error, out of a lack of knowledge.
  • At the point of repentance, his eyes of understanding were enlightened and he could see the Father.

Does God allow things to happen because he wants to use us as scapegoats to use? Does He use people at will for random tests? If that’s the case, then who’s next? In what country will he choose to allow another natural disaster? What business will he permit to be torn and destroyed, regardless of how much hard work the owners and staff have done? Whose family member is next? 

Job found out God is not a gambler, setting people up to see if they win or fail. He is a Father. He has seen our end from the beginning, and when He allows things in our lives, He uses those things to bring us from point A to B – Z.

What is man? Are we not dust, how can we know these things? It is hard to see that the pain was allowed for our glory and that we will look back and thank God for a lesson we learned from it one day.

Who wants the lesson? We need it.

When Job repented, God opened his eyes to see far beyond his human understanding, readying him for glory. God didn’t stop there. He doubled Job’s wealth from before and added sons and daughters. These acts were not to say sorry to Job; they were the fruits of a life transformed by God and lived for God. Through Job’s later life, God Introduced kingdom mindsets, culture, and lifestyle. The Job who could see God was not the same man we were introduced to in Job, chapter 1.

Let’s look at Jesus, another man with the right to a why.

  • He was God, who became man
  • Born as man, but without sin
  • Hung on a cross for the sake of the world, totally innocent

Unlike Job, Jesus knew God and the reason for his pain. He endured it and died, resulting in you and me, kingdom promoters. Jesus died so that perfection can come.

God doesn’t need to wipe out people and things in our lives for a mere test, He is God. He allows things because unknown to the enemy, our Father will use the pain for our good and, in doing so, build for the kingdom. Would any parent knowingly throw his child into a fire? No. However, He allows us to go through what we need to for our sakes, to make us perfect in Him.

The sons of God understand that everything they have and are is for the kingdom; there is no middle ground. If God cannot use our lives, and all we have to build with, then we are not kingdom-minded. Abraham gave up one way of life for another, and still did not see the city he sought; Noah kept building, despite how mad he seemed; Jesus preached the kingdom and died for it, though there were no outward signs that the time for the Holy Spirit had come.

Job said, “I have heard of You by the hearing of the ear, But now my eye sees You.’ ( Job 42:5). Don’t be blinded by the roaring fire, and give up in the heat, look up to Jesus and see.

Till next time, be transformed!!

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The Seed

“For this [reason] the Father loves Me because I lay down My [own] life–to take it back again.” ‭‭John‬ ‭10:17‬ ‭AMPC‬‬

They walked along the walk-way back to their hostels in silence, and sometimes, someone spoke, breaking it. They finished late, so the pastor asked the guys, Dane and Obi, to escort the girls, Uloma and Shirley, to their hostels before calling it a night.

“How can we be seated at the right hand of God, as we are now? Does it make any sense? How can God allow the things happening to continue and then tell us we are at His right hand? People go back to their parent-churches for this reason because all this breaking open of God’s word can drive someone crazy.” Shirley said with a hiss.

“Hah, Shirley, doubting Thomas. It’s by faith, and I am so blessed this word of encouragement. What the word means is we are all far above principalities and powers of darkness, don’t you get it? When they try us, we are safe in Christ. Use your eyes of faith, girl. Uloma, talk to her, I see her falling off the Christian wagon soon.” Dane said and laughed.

Uloma turned and smiled, and at that exact minute, they heard a gunshot behind them, coming from the bushy area on their right.

Dane took off without a word to anyone.

Obi hurried the girls along, encouraging them not to worry, as he quoted scripture verses.

When they got close to the hostels, students gathered outside. Some asked them if they saw the shooter since they were coming from the direction of the shot. They ignored most of the questions, relieved they were alive.

“Where is that Christian wagon driver, who runs away at the first sign of trouble? Let him say one more thing to me about faith, and…” Shirley said and hissed. She turned to Obi.

“Thank you, Obi, the man of God.” She said hailing him. Uloma joined her, offering to buy Obi dinner.

“No, thanks, guys. I have to make an urgent call. See you tomorrow, good night.” Obi said and walked away.

He had to call home. The text on his phone from his brother worried him to no end. Would God allow his mother to die? Obi got to his room and thanked the Lord his roommate was out. He recharged his phone and called his family. Thirty minutes later, a crying Obi asked God, why? How could he be seated at God’s right hand and be experiencing such a heartbreaking situation? He decided not to sit still and let death take his mother. He would use all the power he possessed in Christ for good. Obi prayed the rest of the night, begging, cajoling, and threatening God on his mother’s behalf.

The next morning, his phone rang early. He woke up on his knees beside his bed, took the call, and his little Christian heart died.

Uloma heard about Obi’s mom after he left for home. They were in the same department, and the Class Rep. broke the news to the class. She prayed that God would comfort him. Uloma also stayed up late thinking about the word they received the night before and what it meant. If they were seated in Christ in the heavenly places, did it mean bad things couldn’t befall them? Were Christians made for abundance alone in Christ?

She arrived at an idea later that day, a revelation. Since their lives were hidden in Christ, regardless of what they encountered, they were on solid ground. Uloma knew this applied to those who believed God’s plan remained intact, no matter what. It would take death in the flesh to live in Christ, like Christ. They would have to die to their human wisdom, to the fears which easily beset, and the pressure life throws. Only in death, would they live, and bear fruit. She hoped Obi had the same mindset and sent him a text.

He didn’t respond to her text, never did.

The Sower sowed on different soil, only one amongst the four would yield fruit.

Till next time, be transformed!!

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Christ Mode

Photo by Jeffery Erhunse on Unsplash

‘No temptation has overtaken you except such as is common to man; but God is faithful, who will not allow you to be tempted beyond what you are able, but with the temptation will also make the way of escape, that you may be able to bear it.’ I Corinthians 10:13

Nneka removed her heels, picked them up, and ran. The bus was leaving her at her stop. As she ran, she yelled and waved; both actions didn’t help an iota. People standing near the moving bus, beat the body until her colleagues pushed open the windows and saved the day.

She got to work still ruffled, not on the external, but inside. She worried about her workload for the day. It irritated her to no end since the night before, her Supervisor called to tell her to take on some extra tasks. She couldn’t say no, but she already had so much on her plate and deadlines to meet.

She was chosen her for the additional work because she was amongst the best in her department. With all the recent additions to her load, how could she remain in her position or even take the number one place? These were the questions Nneka chewed on when she woke up, as she prayed, as she took a bath and dressed. The late arrival at the bus-stop was also a result of her early morning meditation.

What do you think happened? Our girl went straight into fast-mode.

She did everything faster than usual. Checked off work as she finished and with every tick, felt better and better. At 2:00 pm, she could take a break, and she couldn’t believe it. She thought there would be no time for anything except work that day and thanked God for the little time off.

At 4:00 pm, her Supervisor called her into the office. Nneka walked there with confidence, proud of her accomplishments for the day. When offered a seat, she smiled at her Supervisor as she took it, expecting praise.

“Is there anything bothering you or anything I should know about?” Her Supervisor asked.

“No, I’m fine. Why are you asking?” Nneka said, straightening in the seat, her smile gone, and her brow furrowed.

“I’ve gotten three complaints from your customers on your work, and one of your colleagues mentioned that you snapped at her this morning. It’s not like you at all. What’s up?”

Nneka’s heart skipped several beats, and her face fell. After everything she put in, her strategy didn’t pay off. She sat back in her chair, unaware she did that and forgot where she was, lost in thought.

“Nneka, are you with me? I’m worried about you. I’ll take off some of the work I delegated to you yesterday, maybe that will help. Please know you can come to me when you want to talk, alright? Kindly call Chika in on your way out.” Her Supervisor said, dismissing her.

The meeting ended, and so did her Supervisor’s intention to recommend Nneka as a supervisor in the next quarter. The GM asked for a name the night before, and it was a struggle to chose between her best performing staff members. Nneka stayed consistent, so the Supervisor decided on a test for her the next day. Nneka was unaware of any of this.

How do we deal with pressure?

In 1 Corinthians 10, Paul states that the Israelites all experienced God’s great acts together. The cloud, the fire, the Red Sea, manna, and water from the rock. Yet, God was not happy with some. Paul listed the reasons and advice (1 Corinthians 10:11-13).

Today, we have so much more in Christ. The covering is available; grace and mercy, which are new every morning, are there; the Holy Spirit, with everything that comes with God’s presence, is accessible. However, at the first sign of trouble, we fly into the own-strength mode. I know I do.

There is grace, mercy, wisdom, and knowledge in God’s presence, available for every test or trial we face. All we need to do as God’s meek children is to rush into His presence and drop the pressure at His feet, with gratitude. How many have such a divine Father?

We need to be aware at all times of the state of our minds. We call the Lord’s name in worship and worry about how to survive, in one breath. At a point, the truth is, we get tired, not understanding what the use of calling the sacred name is anyway.

It’s easy to revert to Nneka mode, but we should always be on Christ mode.

Till next time, be transformed!!

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The Meek

Photo by Ben White on Unsplash

Seek the Lord, all you meek of the earth, Who have upheld His justice. Seek righteousness, seek humility. It may be that you will be hidden In the day of the Lord’s anger.’ Zephaniah 2:3

These days, one of the fundamental human beliefs is that only the strong survive. Parents teach their children not to take nonsense from anybody from an early age. People are encouraged to be ‘sharp’ or wise in their dealings with others. Nobody wants to be the fool. 

So we strive to be seen as strong, and not weak. We think our voices should be heard and not drowned in the crowd of people saying the same things. We push, strive, kick down, and move forward, believing either that or we will be forced, beaten down, and walked over.

‘He will guard the feet of His saints, But the wicked shall be silent in darkness. “For by strength, no man shall prevail.’ I Samuel 2:9

Zephaniah did a strange thing in Zeph 2:3, he spoke only to the meek. It caught my attention. Why would he do that?

He spoke to those who upheld God, His word, and will, they are the people he referred to as meek. They have learned to be submissive to God and to be quiet in His presence, which they carry at all times. They are humble before the creator of the universe, regardless of what man thinks, says, or does. 

Zephaniah continued to advise this select group that nothing else mattered but to seek God and His righteousness. Does that sound familiar? They would live bowing down always, not before any man, but before God. It is a given that God would fill them with His wisdom, and they would have nothing to do with any sense the world makes. Is it why Jesus made the statement below?

Blessed are the meek, For they shall inherit the earth.’ Matthew 5:5 

Not the strong who seem to rule. Not the rich who oppress with their wealth. Not the knowledgable, who think they know, nor the street-smart, who assume they cannot be defrauded and fight to survive. The earth belongs to the meek.

‘I returned and saw under the sun that— The race is not to the swift, Nor the battle to the strong, Nor bread to the wise, Nor riches to men of understanding, Nor favor to men of skill; But time and chance happen to them all.’ Ecclesiastes 9:11

The bible says now is the accepted time, the day of salvation (2 Cor 6:2), available to us all. This is God’s time and chance provided for us to run the race set before us not in the strength of the flesh, but by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Till next time, be transformed!!

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Awaken ~ See God’s Dream for You


Aloha, beloved ~ You are soo loved!  Yes you, reading this right now.  I have spent time praying for you.  Jesus loves you!  We have a real GOD in Heaven!  My heart is shouting for you to not just know about Him, but to truly KNOW Him!  We must believe AND know!  

He has a love assignment for each of us.

May we rise like a sunrise as His messengers.  Here is my message from God~ painted into dreams..  Now I’m no painter, just trying my best to be obedient.  Giving up my control.. to let Him be in control.. While painting, I delighted in precious father-daughter time with Him.. Seeing what a Creator is He..  God of creativity.. vision, colors, beauty.. plans.. love and glory..

Maybe you are here because you are one of my regular readers.. Or perhaps you are lost and am looking for encouragement…

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Judge Nothing

‘Therefore judge nothing before the time, until the Lord comes, who will both bring to light the hidden things of darkness and reveal the counsels of the hearts. Then each one’s praise will come from God.’ I Corinthians 4:5

“She is a thief and must be sacked!”

The Executive staff of five managers, stood in the CEO’s office as he vented. The thief, his secretary of six months, waited outside the office for the verdict.

“How many months has she been here to have such audacity? Imagine opening my suitcase and taking out all the money? No, I cannot let this slide. HR, do you duty here, I won’t let this girl work here one second more.” The CEO turned in his swivel chair and faced the window.

His office didn’t have walls, only glass. There were either other offices or scope of the area, a business district from any side you looked. He smiled. The five managers who stood nodding to the chief’s back were acting as expected.

Marketing shook his head. “What are young people turning to these days? How did she know the combination to his briefcase?”

Four thousand dollars, allegedly stolen by the secretary, a beautiful girl who didn’t have much except her beauty going for her, was the ruckus’s cause.

“These children learn to hack at anything and break codes once they are born. It must have been a piece of cake.” Sales said.

“HR, please do the needful and do not delay, sack her right now. Shouldn’t she be going to arrange it boss?” Facility asked.

The CEO waved his hand, still backing them. He kept smiling.

Operations led HR out of the room. “He has approved, get going.” He said, encouraging her.

In the next room, HR looked at the girl, who didn’t weep or talk. The girl bent her head and kept mute as if the matter struck her dumb.

“Ngozi, don’t you have anything to say in your defense?” HR asked.

“Nothing,” Ngozi said.

“See, she can’t say anything. She did it.” Operations said, persisting in his claims. He took HR by the hands and led her to her office. Returning five minutes later, he winked at Ngozi and entered the CEO’s office.

“Did she fall for it?” The CEO asked, turning to him.

“She is drafting the letter and the email to the entire staff as we speak. It’s a done deal.” Operations said, laughing.

“Boss, you should transfer money to my account for this plan. It worked to a ‘T’.” Sales said.

The CEO laughed. “Don’t worry. I’ll settle everybody once we’ve dealt with Ngozi’s case.”

Who could have guessed what happened to the money?

The managers, the CEO, and his secretary were at a club the night before, where they blew 4000 dollars mapped out for purchasing a new generator for the office. Early the next morning, before HR arrived for the Management meeting, Sales came up with a brilliant idea of how to cover it. They called Ngozi on the phone, and the CEO promised that if she took the fall, he would find her a higher paying job than her current one. She agreed at once.

By the time HR walked in for the meeting, the matter concluded, the real thieves played out their drama. Of course, HR suspected a rat. The girl was beautiful, but not smart, so breaking codes was way beyond her. However, what could she do?

“I am …”

“She is …”

“He is …”

“This situation is …”

“These people are …”

“This country is …”

It is easy to judge and define a person, people, situations, and countries by what we can see, hear, feel, and understand; however, God has the final say and knows the truth. Hear Him first.

Till next time, be transformed!!

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Photo by Randy Jacob on Unsplash

‘that, as it is written, “He who glories, let him glory in the Lord .”’ I Corinthians 1:31

A long time ago, someone told me about a friend she made during her Youths Service Program in Nigeria. She served in Borno State, located in the Northern part of the country. Her friend, an Alhaja, sold gold in her workplace. This Alhaja looked simple, seemed wealthy and friendly, but didn’t have notable features. The Alhaja invited this person over for lunch one weekend, and my friend will never forget her experience.

The Alhaja lived in a palace, which featured a helipad at the back, for the woman’s trips. They decked the house in luxury that reflected their status, which wowed my friend. However, the woman’s behavior towards her husband shocked her visitor. For such a high-class businesswoman, who traveled around the world, my friend was amazed when she saw the Alhaja kneel before her husband and later sat at his feet. Though it is part of the Muslim culture, it still intrigued my friend.

If a woman who has everything can come home and give glory to her husband, in her behavior towards him, how do we behave before God?

In 1 Corinthians 1, Paul spoke to only those called into the fellowship of Christ. He wasn’t talking to everybody. Paul defined them as those enriched and filled with grace in Christ. He went further to explain who this category of people are, those who live by the wisdom of God and in His power, in Christ.

I noticed there was nothing there about self-achievement. Paul didn’t talk about the schools we attended, our workplaces, or the fatness of our bank accounts. There was nothing about our grades through school or what we achieved at work or how our resumes look. Paul only mentioned the wisdom and power of God in Christ.

Does that mean that our achievements are useless? No. Paul worked in some cities he was led to, based on his knowledge and experience; however, he knew how to come before the Father, to empty himself of everything except Christ crucified and the life obtained from Him.

The Alhaja would kneel before her husband to show respect and give him honor, not as an Alhaja, or as a woman of wealth with a fat bank account, but as his wife. How many times do we go before God’s presence to strip ourselves of all we are and kneel before Him, giving Him the honor He is due? Most of us don’t remember, because we are what we have achieved in this life.

For those called out in Christ, we are the foolishness of God in a world filled to overflowing with its wisdom. We must take time and ask the Holy Spirit to help us assess ourselves, to understand where our glory lies, in God or us.

Till next time, be transformed!!

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“Moreover, Ruth the Moabitess, the widow of Mahlon, I have acquired as my wife, to perpetuate the name of the dead through his inheritance, that the name of the dead may not be cut off from among his brethren and from his position at the gate. You are witnesses this day.” Ruth 4:10

In the verses above, Boaz stated in full what redeeming Ruth entailed. He listed the following:

  1. Acquiring Ruth as a wife (KJV says ‘Purchase’)
  2. Keeping alive the name of the dead and his inheritance
  3. Ensuring that the mention of the dead is continuos among his brethren
  4. Maintaining the position of the dead

All this explains what Christ did when he died on the cross for you and me. It comes alive.

By his death, Jesus purchased us with his blood, from sin and death. He came and gave us life, a more abundant one, and introduced us to the truth of our inheritance in God. Because he died, we can stand with our brethren before God, the Father, and maintain our positions in Christ.

We all know about the above-listed benefits of being Christians, but there is a reason among others, which makes salvation a requirement?

We have an enemy who is walking about looking for who to devour. This enemy is out to steal from us, kill, and destroy us. Why would the devil go so far for Christians? It’s because he knows and understands what most of us do not.

There is another kingdom; he lived there. He stood in God’s presence and never wants us experiencing the glory he can never know again. He doesn’t want us purchased by Christ’s blood. He is not happy about us living in abundance in Christ, in peace, and full of grace. The devil doesn’t want us partaking in the glorious inheritance we received in Christ or taking our position before God.

We take all of these things for granted, I know I have.

When God taught us through the lives of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, the judges, the prophets, and Jesus about the unseen city of gold He is preparing for us, it seemed far fetched. It is real; there is a kingdom.

Christ came to redeem us, and by that process, restored us to live out our destinies in God. If we chose to continue to live in ignorance of what our future in Christ entails, our choice. However, if we decide we are tired of the mundane lives we live on earth and aim higher, the Holy Spirit will guide us into all truth.

Boaz is a redeemer-type. What God has in store for us in Christ is too glorious for our human minds to comprehend. Think about a constant state of grace, access to the divine at all times, and a purpose that enhances your life and enables it to speak through everything you do. Abraham understood it; so did Jesus.

The God-seeker’s adventure is to go through the straight and narrow, but its fulfillment is in God. May we walk our paths by faith and see God.

Till next time, be transformed!!