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A Work Of Art

Photo by Jeremy Lishner on Unsplash

The night stilled, dense in its thickness, only the three could see through it. The wind blew, and the trees billowed, bowing to the greatness in whose presence they dared to be. The stars shone, but not with their usual spectacular brilliance; greatness had emerged to work. The air flitted about, filled with possibility, fresh and scented with the creativity only the three could bring.

They bent down to work, the subject already in their minds, and the sand, made ready for molding. Then they spoke into it, dominion, beauty, knowledge, understanding, blessing, and fruitfulness. Yes, they had that much power, to make pronouncements, and create.

An outline first appeared on the sand, a drawing that looked like they did. Like magic, though their power was higher, unfathomable, a draft was drawn within the sand. Parts traced within the subject.

They looked at the outline in the darkness and were pleased. The entourage watched, not understanding, but accepting. Whatever the three formed would be good, because unlike other teams, they were one perfect entity, complete in their unity.

The three approved the outline, drawn in fine sand. Next, a body emerged out of the drawing, from top-down. They did not use material tools, but the skill and perfection used for the work were evident to the onlookers. The three carved parts out with precision; every minute detail accounted for. No waste and no mistakes made. All this done, while they stood and watched.

With the carving done, the three smiled in unison, pleased again. Their creation possessed a god’s body, the mind for high potential, and the heart to love and trust. Yes, this one would be good. 

Next, a small drizzle sprayed the sand, preparing the work for smoothening and crafting. The team made the eyes, crafted the ears, defined a nose, and lined out a mouth. Other body parts appeared, excellent in their intricate design, from top-down. The artwork was engraved to perfection, everything in the right order, as the creator intended. The earthy smell of the sand wafted through the air, leaving its trail everywhere it passed.

They smiled again at the complete image they made.

A slow wind arose from the south of the three and moved with ease past them. It seemed to remain on top of the sandy body. At their nod, it rolled over and around it, blowing away sand and debris. The wind blew away everything that was not required from the work area, living the space clean and bringing the subject into better focus.

After the wind subsided, the sand took on a life of its own. Changing, stretching, and forming. The unknown became known. The figure created in the night appeared in the light of the three, and understanding dawned on their followers. They sculpted a version of themselves in one. The three would also be one in their creation, filling him with light and truth, and enabling him to execute on the earth, as they did in heaven.

Finally, in unison, they breathed into the one. They gave him their life. Everything spoken into the work at the beginning came to life on the inside of this magnificent creature. Then, he breathed in deep, forceful breaths of life as he flexed his new body parts. He opened his eyes and saw the creator, the first and most important being in his life. Understanding filled the creature, and he did the only thing he could. He knelt before his maker and father and worshipped.


Though the creature failed, the creator had a plan to return him to his position as the son. The plan worked.


All spirit; no flesh.

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