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The Stand

Photo by Gift Habeshaw on Unsplash

“Living costs are increasing daily. I wonder if they intend to hit the sky and blow up like an atomic bomb, killing all humanity.” Christina said and smiled at her husband as she dropped her grocery bags on the dining table. He was relaxing in his beloved armchair, watching a documentary in the living room.
Ray looked at her, smiling. “Welcome home. How was it at the market?”
She took the seat next to him. “Ray, we need to talk. The cost of living has doubled, and we have to do something about our expenses. I’ve kept a lot from you because I didn’t want to worry you, and I’ve managed for a while, but things are getting worse daily. From the Water rates to Electricity, everything is double the amount we used to spend for the same quantity. We have our rent and the children’s school fees to cater for on our meager salaries. We cannot continue like this.”
When she started listing off the problems he was aware of, he entered into the place of worry. It was his private office, which had a chair and a table. On the table was a long list of issues he needed to sort out as usual. He shook his head at the enormity of the burden.
“My grace is sufficient for you.” The visitor he called Hope said, entering the office. Ray looked up at him.
“How is that possible? We are looking for fast solutions, or soon the burden this man is carrying may kill him. Instead of telling him how to get money, you are talking grace? Who has grace ever helped?” The one called Sense asked, entering and stealing the show.
“Do not be afraid, for I am with you. Do not be alarmed, for I am your God. I will strengthen and help you. I will hold you up with my righteous right hand.” Hope said, calm and in position as if Sense had not spoken.
“How can you hold him up when he cannot see your hand, strength, or might? Please, leave the man to find a way out of the predicament that is his present life.” Sense said, his voice growing louder with each word. His face, a mask of rage.
“For as many are led by the Spirit of God, these are sons of God,” Hope said, still looking at Ray. He stood poised against the onslaught from Sense, who had once again gone off on him for not making any.
Ray noted everything. The agitation with which Sense delivered his arguments and the calmness of Hope. He wondered at Hope, and His power amidst the storms of life that plagued. He realized that Sense epitomized the flesh, fearful, uncertain, and willing to find solutions on his own, but they never lasted. They were short-lived and came with more worries.
Hope stood like a mountain, God’s mountain. The place of Salvation and, like his name, the home of Hope. All Ray needed to do was look to God for help and to drop all his worries. He decided to trust the God he could not see, who always left him triumphant than depend on himself or others for physical solutions that didn’t last. Therefore, Ray surrendered the list.
“Ray, wake up!” Christina said, her voice loud and in his face.
Ray blinked. “Sorry, I was thinking about something.”
“Are you okay, honey? If it’s about the hike in costs, don’t worry, God is in control.” Christina said, looking at him with a frown.
Ray smiled at her. “We will take each day as it comes and be grateful. God knows how to care for His own. Don’t worry about how tomorrow will be or what it will bring. We have today, thank God.”
“I wanted to talk about cutting costs. Don’t you think we should start?” Christina asked, shaking her head.
Ray held her hand. “The cost of things has increased, yes, but don’t take matters into your own hands. We will leave this matter in God’s laps, and His divine wisdom will guide us on what next to do. Don’t be afraid, trust God.”
He spoke, looking into her eyes, and she saw his stand. He moved her into believing that with God, things would work out for good.

Till next time, be transformed!!


All spirit; no flesh.

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