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The Son

Photo by Ben White on Unsplash

“This lesson is too difficult,” Ugo said, looking up at his teacher with a scrunched up face.
The man didn’t look at him, nor did he pay the young man any attention.
“Sir, I am the son of the house. Why do I have to go through this rigorous training for what is mine?”
“You are a child, a headstrong one.” The teacher said, looking up at the apple tree under which they trained.
“I can climb that tree by myself and pluck apples. Why do I need to do things your way?”
“My way, or the only way? Listen, if you don’t understand the principles I’m teaching, you remain a child. A son is one who can discern truth in situations beyond what the eyes can see. Without the help of God’s Spirit, you will never grow into your full potential. You may climb the tree without help, but it doesn’t mean that better options don’t exist to pluck the apples. Now sit, and ask the Holy Spirit for wisdom.”
Ugo sat on the soft grass cross-legged, fuming. He had no control over the situation. His father had warned that if the teacher didn’t give him a passing grade in living truth, there would be no inheritance. He closed his eyes, puffed out air with anger, and asked the Holy Spirit for help.
Some seconds later, he opened his eyes and looked at the tree, from left to right. He noticed a dangling branch at the side by the back, with red apples leaning down from it. He stood and walked to the spot and shook the parts within his reach. Apples fell to the ground. Ugo looked at his teacher with bright eyes and a big smile, but the man’s eyes were closed as if in prayer. Ugo rushed to the basket by the side, kept there to pick fruit, and took it to the spot. He shook the branch again with more force, and more apples fell, some away from the basket’s position.
Ugo bent to pick the apples which had fallen to the side when he noticed his teacher’s shoes before him. He stood up and looked at the man.
“You have been blessed with every spiritual blessing, Ugo. Your inheritance is waiting, but you need to access it. You can’t live like others trusting in horses and chariots. Your peace cannot depend on the size of your bank account or the amount of material wealth you own. Yours is spiritual, and therefore must be spiritually discerned. Do not be fooled. No matter what you achieve on your own, there will always be a more excellent way of getting things done, regardless of your results. If you want to become a son, learn to stop depending on yourself, and practice relying entirely on God.”
“Yes, Sir. Did the Holy Spirit show me the branch?”
“If I’d left you to do it yourself, wouldn’t you have tried climbing the tree?”
“Everything that comes our way in Christ is by grace. Keep asking, seeking, and knocking, never stop. He will make a way where there is no way and rivers in the desert. He will rain manna for you in the Wilderness seasons, and water will gush from the rock. Do you understand?”
“Yes, sir.”
“Pick your basket; let’s go.”

Till next time, be transformed!!!


All spirit; no flesh.

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