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‘that, as it is written, “He who glories, let him glory in the Lord .”’ I Corinthians 1:31

A long time ago, someone told me about a friend she made during her Youths Service Program in Nigeria. She served in Borno State, located in the Northern part of the country. Her friend, an Alhaja, sold gold in her workplace. This Alhaja looked simple, seemed wealthy and friendly, but didn’t have notable features. The Alhaja invited this person over for lunch one weekend, and my friend will never forget her experience.

The Alhaja lived in a palace, which featured a helipad at the back, for the woman’s trips. They decked the house in luxury that reflected their status, which wowed my friend. However, the woman’s behavior towards her husband shocked her visitor. For such a high-class businesswoman, who traveled around the world, my friend was amazed when she saw the Alhaja kneel before her husband and later sat at his feet. Though it is part of the Muslim culture, it still intrigued my friend.

If a woman who has everything can come home and give glory to her husband, in her behavior towards him, how do we behave before God?

In 1 Corinthians 1, Paul spoke to only those called into the fellowship of Christ. He wasn’t talking to everybody. Paul defined them as those enriched and filled with grace in Christ. He went further to explain who this category of people are, those who live by the wisdom of God and in His power, in Christ.

I noticed there was nothing there about self-achievement. Paul didn’t talk about the schools we attended, our workplaces, or the fatness of our bank accounts. There was nothing about our grades through school or what we achieved at work or how our resumes look. Paul only mentioned the wisdom and power of God in Christ.

Does that mean that our achievements are useless? No. Paul worked in some cities he was led to, based on his knowledge and experience; however, he knew how to come before the Father, to empty himself of everything except Christ crucified and the life obtained from Him.

The Alhaja would kneel before her husband to show respect and give him honor, not as an Alhaja, or as a woman of wealth with a fat bank account, but as his wife. How many times do we go before God’s presence to strip ourselves of all we are and kneel before Him, giving Him the honor He is due? Most of us don’t remember, because we are what we have achieved in this life.

For those called out in Christ, we are the foolishness of God in a world filled to overflowing with its wisdom. We must take time and ask the Holy Spirit to help us assess ourselves, to understand where our glory lies, in God or us.

Till next time, be transformed!!


All spirit; no flesh.

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